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Gearcast: LED Lighting for Photography


On this episode of the B&H Photography “Gearcast,” we talk LED lighting for photography. We start with an introduction to the basics of LEDs, discussing their advantages and disadvantages compared to tungsten and fluorescent lights, and why an LED system might be the right choice for your work. We then open the conversation to the recent improvements made in LED technology and the various types of LED lights available. After a break, we talk about specific photo applications, the appropriate LED systems for those applications and, finally, we mention a few favorite models and brands, always recognizing that the right choice in lighting should be based on the work you are doing.

Joining us in this discussion are two experts from the B&H SuperStore—Byron Atkinson, a Manager in the Lighting department, and Leslie Perez, a Product Specialist—who will share their hands-on experience as photographers, as well as anecdotes from their time spent guiding customers to the lighting systems that best fit their needs. Pull up a chair for this educational #gearcast!

Guests: Byron Atkinson and Leslie Perez

Leslie Perez, Byron Atkinson, Allan Weitz




Host: Allan Weitz
Senior Creative Producer: John Harris
Producer: Jason Tables
Executive Producer: Lawrence Neves

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This was one of the most informative B&H podcasts. I learned a lot. Thank you.

Thanks Adnan!

Learn a lot on this podcast as always, good work guys on briging ideas and tips 

Thank you Jose...we really appreciate the feedback.

Sounds like the theater group portrait guy might have been confusing LED with HMI.

Yes, perhaps...but I'm sure the good folks at the SuperStore helped him out.  Thanks for feedback and of course, for listening to the podcast.