Groundbreaking Women: Jean Fruth, Sony Artisan and Grassroots Baseball Aficionado


World-renowned sports photographer Jean Fruth says, “The incredible energy I felt when I first started shooting sports I still get today, along with that adrenaline rush of anticipating what's going to happen.” Fruth has built an enviable career out of high-octane action shots at baseball championships and football playoff games, yet she is equally passionate about building community. This latter concern is elegantly showcased through the connections between baseball legends and small town sandlot sluggers that she wove into her book, Grassroots Baseball: Where Legends Begin.

In the competitive arena of major league sports, Fruth is totally comfortable sharing the field with all the other male photographers. She lets her “bat do the talking,” with her unbeatable photographs.

Hear all about Fruth’s remarkable journey in our short video interview, below, created for International Women’s Day 2020.

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Jean Fruth

Grassroots Baseball

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