Infographic: The Effects of Various Light Modifiers on a Subject


We've been hard at work trying to demonstrate to you the effects of various lighting modifiers. So we created this quick infographic to show you how different lighting modifiers can affect a subject. We placed the light source in exactly the same spot for each photo. As we changed the lighting modifier for each photo, we also changed the power output of the Impact LiteTrek to accommodate to the various diffusion properties of each light modifier.

Feel free to share this with any aspiring lighting maven you know!


Hello, your infographic on light modifiers is a great job, truly well designed and interesting.
Please, could we share it on our website (of course credited)?
Thanks a lot,



Yes you may as long as it is fully credited and not edited in any way and posted in its entirety from beginning to end.

I love this blog and its demonstration on tips to quality photography on a digital camera.