Podcast: Not Believing in Roadblocks-A Conversation with Photojournalist Adriane Ohanesian


Photojournalist and 2015 World Press Photo award winner Adriane Ohanesian joins us for a captivating two-part conversation on her work in South Sudan, Darfur, and Burma, and describes how she made the transition from anthropology student to conflict and humanitarian photographer. This conversation is divided into two parts, but its themes of women in photojournalism and the difficult but fulfilling life of freelance work in war-torn areas permeates the entire conversation.

With her confident and compassionate demeanor, Ohanesian relates how she was introduced to the cultures of East Africa, snuck into South Sudan to begin her career, faced down military commanders and navigated a month-long trek into Darfur to photograph displaced families living in a cave. She also talks about the challenges and advantages of being a female photojournalist and the amazing resilience of people living through years of war. Also joining us on this compelling episode is B&H writer Jill Waterman. We’re proud to present the voice of a young photojournalist from whom we expect to hear a great deal in the years to come. Ohanesian’s World Press Photo award-winning photograph can be seen at this link

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Guest: Adriane Ohanesian 

Not Believing in Roadblocks, Part I– Women and Photojournalism

Not Believing in Roadblocks, Part II–The Making of a Photojournalist




Nourain, a Sudan Liberation Army rebel-solder since he was 18-years-old, sits for a portrait in North Darfur, Sudan, March 6, 2015

After finishing morning training, a young woman applies thanaka to her face inside the women’s room at the military base outside of Laiza, Kachin State, Myanmar, May 17, 2013. The nine women shared an unlit room throughout the two-month training

A young boy looks over the Mahama Refugee Camp that currently houses over 24,000 people who have fled from Burundi to Rwanda, May 14, 2015.

Elisa is seen with her young daughter Nyakurm in their makeshift home in the UN base in Bentiu, South Sudan, June 21, 2014. According to MSF, as of June 20, 2014, at least three children under 5 years old are dying per day in the camp due to the horrible living conditions.


Jill Waterman, Adriane Ohanesian, and Allan Weitz





Host: Allan Weitz
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