Who Knew? USB Turntables (Record Players)


The debate between digital and analogue takes place in more than just the photography world. As a musician, I also know that the lines are drawn with instruments. The Crosley USB Turntables are an attempt to play peacemaker in the conflict. These retro-stylish turntables have a special modern twist on them: they can digitize your old records and you can edit the ripped audio in a special software suite. Some of them even have AM/FM radios.





If you're an 80's and 90's kid (like me) you'll be happy to know that some of these items have cassette and CD players built in too!

For those of you that love to go to yard sales, record stores, and raid your parents' attic, you'll be able to ensure that your great finds are backed up digitally and shared through your favorite music organizing software.

My mother has a large stack of old records that she'd love to listen to on a modern update to the original portable turntables. Her or others that remember record players would greatly appreciate this because they can also digitze the music onto their computer.

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