AEO Lightning and Motion Triggering Devices


If you’ve ever tried to photograph lightning or similar now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t phenomena, you’re well aware of how difficult an undertaking it can be. Lightning strikes without warning and nary a hint as to where in the skies it will appear and in what form—and by the time you see it, it’s invariably gone.

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To address this problem, AEO Photo has introduced a full line of lightning and motion activated camera triggering devices specifically designed to enable you to capture storm-borne theatrics with precision well beyond the abilities of the quickest index fingers. They work both night and day and with most popular SLRs and DSLRs.

The AEO Photo Lightning Strike II can trigger your camera’s shutter release in as little as 0.1 milliseconds,* which is about how fast one must react when trying to capture lightning events. Powered by a single 9V battery (included), the Lightning Strike II is designed to fit on your camera’s hot shoe, features a low profile power slide switch that will not activate accidentally in your camera bag and proprietary electronics that allow for near-instant image review on your camera’s LCD after each exposure.

In addition to dedicated models for select Canon and Nikon cameras, the Lightning Strike II features a 2.5mm connector that accepts cables designed to sync with a variety of camera models.

For photographers who prefer a bit more hands-on control of their workflow, the AEO Photo Lightning Strike Pro, which shares all of the technical attributes of the Lightning Strike II including 0.1 millisecond response times,* a low profile power switch and a locking hot shoe mount, also allows for manual tweaking of the unit’s sensitivity levels for more precise exposure control.

As with the Lightning Strike II, the Lightning Strike Pro is available dedicated for specific Canon and Nikon cameras, and there is a variety of 2.5mm connector cables that allow you to sync with most popular SLRs and DSLRs. Included with each AEO Lightning Strike Pro is a 9V battery and a custom fit Pelican case.

For those seeking the biggest bang for their quick-sync bucks there's the AEO Photo Multi Trigger Pro, which in addition to lightning activation, features 10M PIR passive-motion triggering for capturing motion within the image field and the same manual sensitivity control override feature found on the Lightning Strike Pro.

Like the AEO Photo Lightning Strike II and Lightning Strike Pro, the AEO Photo Multi Trigger Pro features 0.1 millisecond trigger response times,* a locking hot-shoe connection, proprietary image review after each exposure and a low profile power switch that prevents the unit from being accidentally activated in your camera bag. In addition to dedicated models designed to function with select cameras from Nikon and Canon, the AEO Photo Multi Trigger Pro has a 2.5mm connector for syncing with a number of popular SLRs and DSLRs via dedicated cables.

The AEO Photo Multi Trigger Pro comes with a fitted Pelican case and a 9V battery.

*Depending on the make and model of your camera there might be additional camera-related shutter lag.


Junk don't bother,

I am looking for a lightning and motion trgger to suit a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G6.  Do you have such an animal?  If so, how much does it cost in £stirling for UK delivery?

You could look at the Vello FreeWave Stryker Lightning & Motion Trigger Kit for Select Canon & Panasonic Cameras.  It would be compatible with your G6.  Shipping costs would depend on the shipping method that you chose.  If you add the item to your cart, on the right hand side of the page there is a shipping calculator.  Once you chose the country of destination from the drop down menu, the various shipping options, along with their respective costs and shipping times, will be revealed.  All transactions would be in USD.  While there is a Choose Currency option at the bottom of any page, where you could choose to see prices also listed in GBP, this would just be an estimate.  We wouldn't be able to guarantee what rate your bank would use.

Wouldn't know if it work because unit was DOA and have tried to get AOE to contact me back .. Emails and phone goes unanswered.   AEO's customer service is terrible.

I have to disagree.... Had a slight problem (my fault due to ordering the wrong cable) and those guys were VERY responsive and helpful.  Maybe you caught them on a weekend or holiday???

Been shooting lightening since early 1970's.  Very easy to do with any camera with a bulb setting and cable release.  All ya need, and of course a storm..