Beneath the Surface: the Intova IC16, Sport Pro, and Sport 10K Cameras with Waterproof Housings

Underwater photography or videography lets you explore and capture parts of the world that are rarely seen. Just as it presents unique challenges, such as correcting for blue color cast, distortion, and minimized field of view, it also offers unique rewards: brilliant images of life and scenery that most photographers don't have in their portfolios.

To help you reap these benefits, Intova has introduced the IC16 Digital Camera with Waterproof Housing, which has a depth rating of 180'. Its 1/2.33" 16MP CCD image sensor features an enhanced Digital Signal Processor for sharp, detailed images and HD 720p video with sound. A 2.7", 230k-dot TFT LCD monitor with available histogram enables shot composition and playback. The 5x optical zoom lens features a 35mm equivalent focal-length range of 28-140mm, covering wide-angle to telephoto perspectives. Cutting down on distance by zooming in reduces distortion caused by the water, resulting in clear, accurate, color-rich images. 

The included underwater housing's dual silicone O-ring seal and lens-port gasket provide extra protection against leaks. The housing provides access to all camera functions via mechanical controls. Additionally, it features a 52mm threaded flat lens port that accepts optional external color-correction filters. The case's body and port are constructed from durable, corrosion-resistant polycarbonate, and its hardware components are made of stainless steel.

To use an optional external slave strobe, attach one end of a fiber optic cable to the housing in front of the camera's flash and the other end to the strobe. You can also use the camera's  built-in flash to trigger an external slave strobe wirelessly.

In addition to its automatic Intelligent Scene mode, the IC16 offers a variety of creative shooting options. Flow Water and Splash Water provide optimal settings for capturing water in motion. Panorama Video mode automatically stitches pictures together for an extremely wide, panoramic shot, while Mirroring mode captures photos with a mirror-image effect. Five Lomo modes create looks like those of a Lomo camera, such as over-saturated colors or retro effects with sepia and green tones.

Choose Fisheye mode to simulate an extremely wide-angle lens, or Toy mode for a shallow-depth-of-field effect. To make images look like drawings or paintings, select Sketch or Watercolor, respectively. Beauty Enhancer mode is also available for reducing blemishes and spots on faces. There's even a Natural Green option to brighten green colors in backgrounds.

Other fun, helpful features include the Find Blur function, which locates the blurry photo in a series captured in continuous mode, and Dynamic Lighting, which compensates for unfavorable conditions by brightening underexposed areas and balancing those that are overexposed. Auto Exposure Bracketing lets you quickly take a series of shots at different exposures, without manually changing settings between frames. The camera chooses the exposure it thinks is best for the first photo, then overexposes the second and underexposes the third. Later, examine the different versions and pick your favorite.

The IC16 is also capable of time-lapse photography, capturing continuous images at a pre-selected time interval: 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour. You could then combine these into a video to show change over time.

The camera records files to SDHC memory cards up to 32GB, which are available separately. It is powered by a 3.7V lithium-ion battery that does not need to be removed for recharging, but is charged in-camera via the supplied USB cable.

The IC16 is also bundled with helpful software for Mac and Windows. ArcSoft MediaImpression helps you easily, creatively, and productively manage multimedia files. Create picture slide shows or movies, and share photo, video, and music files through email attachments or popular printing and sharing sites. With Print Creations software, you can personalize designs with your own digital pictures and text, based on professionally designed templates and layouts. Projects can be printed or saved for sharing through email or the Web.

Also available from Intova, the Sport Pro HD Video Sports Camera with Waterproof Housing lets you go to an even deeper 200' underwater. It features a 5MP 1/2.3” CMOS image sensor and captures 1080p Full HD video at 30 fps with sound. A fast f/2.4 wide-angle lens with a 35mm equivalent focal length of 19mm gives you a 140-degree angle of view, allowing you to get closer while still fitting all the action in-frame. The camera also features 4x digital zoom. A 1.5", 115k-pixel LCD screen serves as both a viewfinder for framing and focusing and a playback monitor.  

The Sport Pro is built into its underwater housing and is not meant to be removed. The housing is constructed from polycarbonate and features a flat lens port with a scratch-resistant, anti-reflective coating. The port has no threads, but you can use optional 52mm slip-on filters for color correction. Benefit from mechanical controls that afford access to all camera functions.

Like the IC16, the Sport Pro features time-lapse capability. Select 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, 60, 120, or 180 seconds as the interval for photo capture. Take up to 10 photos in a fast sequence in continuous-shooting mode. You can also employ the self-timer, with a generous delay of up to 60 seconds.

The camera allows you to adjust white balance manuallly, in addition to several other presets. Get creative with special effects, including Art, Sepia, Negative, Monochrome, and Vivid, allowing you to lend new looks and moods to familiar scenes. Sports, sand/snow, spotlight, and diving modes are also available. Spotlight mode lightens the image to accentuate the background and brighten the part of the image you want to highlight. Diving mode is an electronic red filter for use below 20' underwater, in order to restore warm tones that get absorbed.

Other noteworthy shooting modes include loop video, upside down/video flip, picture in video and motion detection. Loop video allows the camera to overwrite previously recorded video from the beginning if the memory card fills up. Video flip enables you to record video in the normal, right-side-up orientation when the camera is held upside down. Motion detection mode allows video recording to start when motion is detected in the camera’s field of view. The camera will record a 5-second clip, unless continuous motion is detected, in which case recording will continue for the duration of the motion.

An optional external video light, such as the 2500-lumen Galaxy, is highly recommended. The camera does not feature a built-in flash and the housing has no external strobe connection, but a constant light source attached to a lighting arm can be used to illuminate both movies and still photos.

The Sport Pro accepts microSD/ SDHC cards up to 32GB and also features 32MB of flash memory. A TV Out connection enables you to view your creations on your television.

The Intova Sport 10K SP10 with Underwater Housing carries a depth rating of 140'. The housing offers a shock-absorbent liner and a double O-ring seal for extra protection. Its controls allow access to all camera functions.  

Outside of the housing, the SP10 can be safely submerged to 10'. It's equipped with a 10MP 1/2.3” CMOS image sensor and a wide-angle 27mm f/2.8 lens (35mm equivalent), which is protected by the housing's flat lens port. Record 640 x 480 video at 30 fps with sound, and play it back on the 2.4-inch, 76,800-pixel TFT color LCD monitor. Close the gap between lens and subject with 4x digital zoom.

The camera utilizes a built-in flash to help illuminate your subject. To use an optional external slave strobe, attach one end of a fiber optic cable to the polycarbonate housing in front of the camera's flash and the other end to the strobe. You can also use the built-in flash to trigger an external slave strobe wirelessly.

As for creative effects, the SP10 offers a solid selection, including color options like black-and-white, sepia, red, green, and blue; special rendering effects like negative, pencil, sketch, and mosaic; and an imitation of the signature Lomo camera style. Take advantage of the ability to preview images with these effects before applying them.

The SP10 takes optional microSDHC memory cards, up to 32GB. It is conveniently powered by 2 easily-replaceable AAA alkaline batteries.

You're bound to enjoy an underwater photographic adventure with any of these three cameras. For more information, stop by the B&H SuperStore in New York, or contact a sales professional on the telephone at 1-800-606-6969 or via Live Chat.


I cannot find anything online to tell me why the intova ic16 was discontinued???

Unfortunately, Intova would not provide a specific reason for why the IC16 was discontinued. We ask that you send an e-mail to [email protected] so we can make a suitable suggestion to replace this item.