Camera Straps with a Modicum of Flair


Camera straps add personality and flair without going overboard. It is just like adding a favorite accessory to your outfit! But this accessory has a purpose: to hold one of your most prized possessions. Style, strength, and comfort make these camera straps everything you want and more—just take your pick.

Capturing Couture has many different designs to suit any personality. The Sofia Black Tapestry Camera Strap is vintage style at its most appealing. The black-and-white floral tapestry design on plush velvet has a 1940s feel. The comfortable velvet on this 2-inch wide strap joins with nylon webbing to provide absolute strength and durability, so you never have to worry about your SLR/DSLR slipping or falling. Triple metal logo rivets hold everything together. To make it all your own, the 30-inch strap can be adjusted between 6-8 inches and can be worn around your neck or across the body, messenger style.

Capturing Couture also has a Hibiscus Collection featuring a variety of colors. The Hibiscus Moon Camera Strap is 1.5 inches wide with a soft pink, gray, and black hibiscus design, exuding the mood of a moonlit evening by the beach. This strap is also plush velvet with nylon webbing for reliable strength, it's 30 inches long, adjustable between 6-8 inches, and can be worn around your neck or across your body. Two metal logo rivets tie the whole look together. Capturing Couture designs definitely capture style and mood perfectly.

Heavy Leather NYC brings edginess to a basic look with the Classic Leather Camera Strap. The Classic Leather distressed strap has a beautiful one-of-a-kind look, made of 100 percent genuine cowhide—strong in looks and durability. The strap is 2 inches wide and has leather-bound sides so your neck will be comfortable. Adjustable to between 46-49 inches long, this strap can be worn around your neck or across your body. Camera attachment and quick release are easy, using two back-buckled leather straps that fit through your camera body's strap lugs. This strap is edgy, yet also comfortable and functional.

If you want to dress up your camera with a rocker vibe, Heavy Leather NYC makes the Slingshot Camera Strap in black/brown. This camera strap is 100 percent genuine cowhide, which is both strong and durable while being, of course, stylish and original. The "rocker" feel is in the studs, stitching, and buckle, which can adjust the length of the strap to between 54-59 inches for a comfortable fit. The 1-inch-wide strap has a quick-release swivel attachment and a 2.75-inch-wide, 15-inch-long padded shoulder piece, which can even hold a business card for quick access. When you are not using your camera, a rear snap locks your camera in place. This camera strap rocks, seriously.

The Ruck Strap from HoldFast Gear is very functional and attractive. The HoldFast Gear strap in navy is made from duck canvas with leather detailing, and the area that hugs your neck is lined with comfortable microfiber suede. The strap is 2.3 inches wide with a credit-card-sized pocket on each side to hold accessories; each pocket then has a leather flap that can fasten with a snap and hold sunglasses or a pen. Flip the strap over, and there you have an elastic band on each side that can fit around a roll of film or thick battery. The handsome leather details, comfort, and functionality of this strap make it a fantastic accessory for any camera or neck.

HoldFast Gear has appropriately named another of its camera straps the Money Maker Two-Camera Harness. The regular size (made for those between 5'8" and 6'2" tall) in gorgeous chestnut English bridle leather holds two cameras—yes, two cameras—at your hips. The straps make an "X" on your back for support and comfort, in kind of a suspender style. A speed-clutch mechanism lets you slide each camera from your hip up to eye level. The style is also available in a Money Maker Three-Camera Harness, which keeps two cameras at your hips, and adds one to your chest. Included accessory clips, camera leashes, and metal D-rings combine to efficiently and securely carry your cameras. Yes, that means you can hold THREE cameras, readily accessible at any time! Ready, aim... shoot!

Fotostrap has made a classic FOTOstrap that is available in almost every color. Created with duck fabric and 100 percent genuine leather, this strap is adjustable to between 46.5 and 49.5 inches, so it can sit lower on your body. The lower fit and ergonomic shoulder pad ensure that you'll be able to wear your camera for any extended amount of time it is needed, either over your shoulder or across your body. Brass hardware enhances the ease and classic style of this feel-good camera strap. Just pick your favorite color.

Durable, comfortable, and relaxed, the black Lima Camera Strap from ONA is handcrafted with top-grain leather and a waxed canvas neckline padded with neoprene. This strap is longer, at 63 inches, so you can wear it across the body with ease. Leather connector belts can adjust from 19.5 to 23.5 inches. The stylish top-grain leather strap with chrome hardware accents can hold a camera weighing up to 4 pounds. The Presidio Camera Strap from ONA has the same features as the Lima, but it can hold a camera weighing up to 6 pounds. Either of these would be a fantastic, relaxed addition to any camera.

Whether it is vintage, edgy, functional, classic, or relaxed, your camera strap should be what you want it to be. Let it be a welcome accessory, not a burden.

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