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Canon Cinema EOS Line, Part 4


In this fourth part of our six-part series on Canon Cinema EOS, David Leitner focuses on 4K production and post-production workflow, listing a plethora of options that involve both RAW and compressed (ProRes, DNxHD) capture of 4K footage. Because the Canon C500 Camcorder cannot record 4K internally, this section explores the available external video recorder options, including the AJA Ki Pro Quad, the Convergent Design Gemini 4:4:4, the Odyssey7, and the Codex Digital Onboard S. 

At the post-production end of the equation, Leitner lays out several paths, some as simple as recording ProRes or DNxHD files and editing them directly in an NLE. Others, however, involve recording RAW data and deBayering RMF file stacks in Canon Cinema RAW Development software. 

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