Canon Cinema EOS Line, Part 5

In this fifth part of our six-part series on Canon's Cinema EOS line, David Leitner presents the lens options available to digital cinematographers who use the C500, C300, C100 and 1D C cameras. There is, of course, the universe of EF-mount lenses, including Canon's high-end L series and stepper-motor drive (STM) lenses, and specialty lenses such as tilt-shift models and Diffractive Optics (DO) lenses




Your choices aren't limited only to DSLR lenses; with the Cinema EOS line of cameras you've got access to Canon's Cinema EOS primes and zooms. These lenses feature 300-degree focus rotation, gearing for follow focus devices, and uniform dimensions for quick swapping out of a matte-box setup. PL versions of the C500 and C300 are compatible with Canon's PL Cinema EOS zooms as well as lenses from a broad range of third-party manufacturers such as Zeiss, Cooke, and Angenieux.

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