Creative Compositing with Masks in Photoshop


Photoshop is arguably the most feature-rich program when it comes to editing digital images. Three reasons for this is layer and mask functionality as well as the ability to select a single area in an image for processing. In this two-hour lecture for intermediate level users of Photoshop, Andy Graber demonstrates how to use masks to create a realistic-looking photograph that is a combination of several images.

Graber, an instructor at Parsons School of Design and long time Photoshop expert, discusses how much an adjustment affects the image and where; how much of a layer is visible; and he goes on to show several other techniques such as retouching, effects, adjustments and more. The lecture assumes that viewers have some knowledge of the program’s basic operation.



I would really like to view this tutorial but I only see a little introductory text on this page. Has the video been removed? The tutorial being spoken of here is missing.

Please advise.