Digi Cams for Little Photographers


Summer is the perfect time to introduce your child to the wonders of photography. The flowers are in bloom, the days are longer, and everywhere you go colors and adventure abound. Let your little photographer explore his or her creativity with a kid-friendly digital camera from B&H. There are a number of choices to explore, all well suited for budding young artists.

More than likely, there will be many trips to the pool or beach in your immediate future, so let’s start with the SpongeBob SquarePants Underwater Digital Camera from Sakar. Yes, this gem is perfect for inquisitive youngsters with a love for that pineapple dwelling, plankton-thwarting sponge. It runs on two AAA batteries, which are always easy to find pretty much anywhere you find yourself.

Approximately 152 pictures can be stored on the camera’s internal memory too, which means your little one can snap away to their heart’s content. Image-editing software and a USB cable for downloading images comes included with the camera, along with a strap and other necessary accessories.

Sakar also produces the fun Crayola Kidz Digital Cameras. Not only are these digital cameras colorful, but they’re practical too. Featuring two handles for a steady grip and an ultra-durable body, the Kidz digital cameras were designed with the toughest customers in mind: children. These cameras (in purple or green) also have simple controls, which make it easy for your child to operate, allowing them to focus on the joy of making a picture or video.

These cameras also come with Color Genie Photo Editing software, which lets kids create puppets or photo frames for their images. A game center is another highlight of the software. As an alternative you have a slightly different version of the Crayola Kidz cams, the Crayola 2.1Mp Digital Camera (in purple). It features all the same great features as the regular Kidz cameras, but with the addition of an SD memory card slot for capturing even more photos.

If you have a Dora fan living at your house, the Dora the Explorer Talking Digital Camera is going to be a hit. Decorated with a picture of the famed Explorer herself, this pretty purple-and-pink camera is ready for action and adventure, just like your little one! Together, Dora and your child can explore and capture the best kind of souvenirs: pictures.

What’s more, when your child presses the shutter button, Dora talks. Dora will either giggle, or say, “We did it, yeah!” or “Fantastica!” In addition to taking pictures, the Dora camera acts as a webcam and can capture VGA video. The camera also features 16MB of built-in memory that can hold up to 104 pictures, and comes with Dora the Explorer Snapshots software.

The NERF 2.1Mp Digital Camera is up for adventure, too. It features the same styling as the famous NERF toys with bold orange and yellow, and a rubberized design. The camera runs on just three AAA batteries and has a 1.5-inch LCD for little ones to preview and share all their fantastic photos.

For the budding photographer who also happens to be a fan of the world’s most famous cat, Hello Kitty, consider the Hello Kitty VGA Digital Camera. Aside from being budget-friendly, it sports an oval form factor and super-cute graphics. Three interchangeable faceplates provide your child with multiple looks for their new camera. One features Kitty, a little bear friend, and hearts. Another plate shows Hello Kitty and Joey the Mouse flying airplanes, and a third shows Kitty and the bear looking cool. The camera can store up to 79 pictures and has a flash. Hello Kitty Snap ’n’ Share Software comes included for more fun after the pictures are taken.

The Disney Princess 2.1Mp Digital Camera lives up to its name, featuring Disney princesses on a collection of three different interchangeable faceplates, including Belle, the Little Mermaid, Cinderella and others. Your child can change faceplates as often as they change their favorite princess. The camera also comes with Princess SnapShots software for adding special effects to images for sharing.

If your child is slightly older, then the Monster High Digital Camera might be in order. Also sporting three interchangeable faceplates, the Monster High camera makes monsters look cute! Bows, hearts, plaid, argyle and more adorn the different plates. Your child will feel cool and feel like they have a new camera every time they switch up the plates. Editing software allows for even more self-expression after the photos are taken.

The Nickelodeon VicTORious Mini Digital Camera is another great choice for older children. With a pink-and-purple motif and a fun graphic this 2.1Mp camera pays homage to the popular Nick kid’s show, VicTORious. When it comes to taking photos, the camera stores up to 120 shots and comes with SnapShots photo-editing software for editing both photos and videos taken by your child. Three AAA batteries power the camera.

Point-and-shoot cameras to consider for older kids include three new models from Vivitar. While remaining budget friendly, these cameras are a step up from the cartoon-laden cams we’ve looked at thus far. These cameras have more features, including higher pixel counts and larger LCD screens, among other options.

The Vivicam Vi7 is the entry-level model of the bunch. It provides the same simple operation as the kiddie cams, but is a higher-ranking camera with a 7.1MP sensor, a 1.8-inch LCD, and even a self-timer that can be set to 10, 5 or 2 seconds. The Vi7 comes in white.

The ViviCam VX137 offers slightly more advanced features while still remaining a basic point and shoot. The VX137 embodies a 10.1MP sensor, captures VGA video, and has a large 2.4-inch touch-screen LCD that also swivels for ease of use. SD cards up to 32GB are compatible with the camera for enhanced storage.

Of course, you could go with the also easy-to-use iTwist VF124 Digital Camera. This stunningly red camera boasts 14.1 megapixels and such features as face detection and anti-shake technology for steady shots in unsteady hands. Other features include a 2.4-inch LCD screen, built-in flash, and the convenience of AAA battery power.

Whether you’re looking for a camera adorned with cartoon characters or a slightly more sophisticated cam for your kids, it’s good to know that you have multiple options. Getting your child a camera is a great way for the entire family to share in the joy of photography, teaching the value and power of capturing memories from an early age.