DNP Professional Dye-Sub Photo Printers and Media


While the name “DNP” may not ring familiar to you when thinking photo printers, the name “Sony” most certainly does. When Sony decided to spin off its popular dye-sublimation printer business, DNP Photo Imaging America took the ball, changed its name, and ran with it.

Unlike inkjet printers, which blow tiny dots of ink onto the surface of your print media, dye-sub printers (as they’re more commonly known) use a thermal print process that involves heating a color ribbon until it vaporizes, at which point it is transferred onto the surface of the print media. Dye-sub prints display bright colors, high levels of resolving power, and are both durable and fast to produce, making them the darlings of commercial printers and corner store print kiosks.

B&H now stocks two of DNP’s offerings: the DS 40 and DS 80. The DNP DS 40, which is about half as tall as its predecessor, can output photo-quality prints in sizes up to 6 x 9” in as fast as 7.4 seconds at resolutions of up to 600 dpi, or 300 dpi in high-speed mode. To facilitate higher-volume needs, up to four DS 40s can be connected in tandem—and stacked, if work space is an issue.

If your print needs go beyond 6 x 9”, the DNP DS 80 can output an equal measure of print quality in sizes up to 8 x 12” in as little as 35 seconds per print. And like the DNP DS 40, up to four units can be daisy-chained for high-volume requirements.

In addition to the two new printers, we are also stocking a full line of output media, including ribbon, in 3.5 x 5”, 4 x6”, 4 x 6.9”, 5 x 7”, 6 x 8”, 8 x 10”, 8 x 12”, and A4 paper sizes. In case you’re curious, these same media/ribbon refills are one-and-the-same as the media/ribbon refills used in Sony’s versions of these and similar model dye-sub printers.



I own a DS 80 and love the quality of the prints. However, i always ran out of ribbon before the paper. tons of paper left. I wonder if i can change the ribbon alone. I remember reading something that you have to change the whole set altogether. But what's the point of having a ribbon and paper light on?( only to indicate they are not properly installed?)

You have to change the ribbon and paper as a set. You are unable to switch out the paper or ribbon separately.

i want to buy this printer , send me a qoute

We are not able to quote you from here.  You may send an email to [email protected] and our agents there can provide you with a formal quote, or you may contact our sales division directly via telephone as well - 800.606.6969 / 212.444.6615.

Hi there,

I am looking at the Sony DNP DS40 printer and was wondering what is the price of the actual machine as well as the price of the ink and paper?  Where does one get stock?

Thank you very much

Look forward to your reply.

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Our site is live with our prices and stock. You can find the price for the DNP DS-40 and Media on their pages on our site.  You could also place your order there.  If you click on the image of the printer and paper stock above, it will take you the their respective pages on our site.

Hi there I would like to purchase one of these ds40 please tell me where I can get one in south Africa I need a warrenty and paper and ribbon please help

The DNP DS 40, and it’s accessories can be purchased on our site and shipped to you. The included warranty is valid only in the United States. We do offer the SquareTrade protection plan that will cover the printer internationally. You will see the options when looking at the printer in your cart.

Hi James, a company called Midsouth in Midrand, Gauteng in South Africa do stock these together with the media (your ribbons and paper). Although I did not buy mine from them, they were happy to supply me with the consumables.  

I want Quotations for mini lab and printers thanx

If you would like an itemized quote, please email us your billing address information, including your email address and telephone number, and the items you are interested in purchasing (provide B&H #s if possible). If there is a different shipping address please include that as well.  We will email you back an itemized B&H quote# that you will be able to reference if you decide to purchase the item(s). Please send your email request to: [email protected]. Or you may contact our sales division directly via telephone as well - 800.606.6969 / 212.444.6615.