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Doctor's Eyes


Medical photography often involves taking pictures of small, hard-to-access subject matter, most often in equally small and hard-to-access places. Add to the equation the subject matter of these pictures is usually inside a living, breathing person (or animal) and suddenly you realize how precise and demanding this specialized slice of the photo market can be.

doctorseyes manufactures an extensive line of LED-based medical photography systems designed for use with advanced compact digital cameras as well as higher-end DSLRs. Unlike conventional flash-powered ringlights, the ringlights manufactured by doctorseyes utilize high-output LEDs to illuminate the insides of the patients' mouths, close-ups of their teeth, etc.

The benefits of continuous light source LED lamps over electronic flash include easier-to-view image composition and shadow-free lighting of tight-quartered subjects, and in the case of doctorseyes, ringlights equipped with "winglights," the ability to model the light, as well as maintain advanced control of errant reflections and glare. In addition to advanced lighting tools, doctorseyes also manufactures an extensive line of peripheral tools designed to improve the workflow process while enhancing the look and value of the final image.

The doctorseyes Professional System with 72mm Ring Light is designed for use with a variety of digital cameras (camera adapters included). The doctorseyes ring light features 60 high-output LEDs, which can be dimmed or brightened in 12 steps as a group or in smaller, segmented groups via the doctorseyes Power & Light Controller PLC-4 (included). Boasting a 30% increase in lighting power compared to earlier-generatiojn LED ring lights, the Light Controller PLC-4 utilizes microprocessors to maintain maximum brightness and constant, uninterrupted light output.

The Light Controller PLC-4, which attaches to the base of your camera via 1/4-20" threaded screw, features bright menu displays of all ringlight functions and settings, and prefered and/or frequently used lighting configurations can be stored in the PLC-4's memory bank for easy recall. There's also an optional RealTooth Concept function that replicates the surface features of tooth enamel. On a full charge, the doctorseyes Professional System can deliver about three hours of continuous use.

Slightly more ambitious and able is the doctorseyes Professional System with 72mm Ring Light & Wing Light, which features all of the attributes of the aforementioned  doctorseyes Professional System with 72mm Ring Light, as well as a pair of tiltable wing lights, which add an additional 60 LED's-worth of illumination. Because they are swivel-mounted, they can quickly and easily model the light to best fit your needs. The doctorseyes Professional System with 72mm Ring Light & Wing Light is available configured for point-and-shoot style digicams (i.e. Canon's G10, G11, G12) as well as most DSLRs.

For those using camera lenses with filter sizes larger than 72mm, you also have the option of purchasing the doctorseyes Professional System with 86mm Ring Light & Wing Light, which features a total of 70 LEDs and as the name implies, is designed for use with lenses with filter sizes up to and including 86mm.

A smaller, but equally able imaging system is the doctorseyes Compact System, which is available with a choice of a 52mm, 72mm or 86mm ring light, depending on the filter-thread size of your camera lens. Unlike the Professional System ring lights, the number of LEDs varies according to the size of the ring light. The 52mm version contains 20 LEDs, the 72mm ringlight contains 60 LEDs, while the 86mm ring flash contains 70 LEDs.

For controlling the show, the doctorseyes Compact System relies on the doctorseyes Compact Power & Light Controller PLC-C, which in addition to a slimmer profile and lighter weight, offers a choice of two output levels compared to the PLC-4's 12 levels of output. Otherwise, the PLC-C offers the user the choice of full-power illumination as well as segmented illumination of LEDs, depending on your needs, and smooth uninterrupted continuous light output.

To complement the above-mentioned doctorseyes medical lighting systems, doctorseyes also manufactures a full line of accessories designed to ensure successfull imagery under tight, cluttered circumstances. Among these accessories are doctorseyes anterior contrasters (#30 / 50mm, #31 / 55mm and #32 / 65mm), buccal mirrors (#15 / 40mm, #16 / Cone-shaped Short), a lingual mirror (#14 / 40mm), occlusal contrastors (#35 / 50mm, #36 / 55mm and #37 / 62mm), occlusal mirrors (#11 / 55mm, #12 / 65mm, & #13 / 70mm) and "Do it yourself" universal adapters for attaching almost any digital camera or (D)SLR to a doctorseyes lighting system.