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DSLR Lens Primer, Part 3


This final part of our three-part series on lens basics focuses on special lenses: tilt-shift models, which bend perspective and can even generate a "miniature" effect, and macro lenses, including macro rails that can help you create a super-close-up image that's completely in focus.

In this part of the Lens Primer, Larry Becker, of Kelby Media, also offers some useful tips on lens care, explains vibration reduction or image stabilization, and shows you how to eliminate "lens creep" when you're tilting a telephoto lens. Finally, you'll learn about teleconverters and the basics of converting lenses from one type of mount to another. 

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Very useful and clear session. I enjoyed it very much.

Your tutorials are amazing! I am an amateur photographer. I know the basics but your tutorials clear up terminology issues like "fast glass" and how to correct problems without spending a ton of money on equipment or classes. Thanks for keeping your advice free. Keep up the good work!