Get Outside and Play With Tenba Camera Bags




"Go outside and play!" Do you remember your parents telling you that all the time? Well, that is exactly what Tenba is saying with its various collections of camera bags for the photographers who travel, shoot, play and love the outdoors. "Crafted Without Compromise" has been the overlying theme of Tenba since its inception about 35 years ago. Photographers who love the outdoors and desire the ultimate protection for their camera gear, while also being concerned about the weight of that protection, now have a line of bags that will meet their needs.

Discovery Collection

For photographers who carry their cameras while they bike, hike, climb and travel, Tenba has created the Discovery collection. Labeled the lightest-weight collection of professional bags that Tenba has ever created, all of the bags in the Discovery collection are made of rugged, water-repellent nylon with self-healing zippers and waterproof bottom panels. This material provides greater protection with less weight than the low-end polyester used by many other brands. Each bag in this collection also includes a WeatherWrap rain cover. This is a removable cover that goes on when the weather is stormy or when you have to ride through puddles on your bike. And when the sun comes out again, the cover can come off and then be cleaned and dried.

With an expedition-grade shoulder harness perfect for long hikes, the most popular bag in the Discovery collection is the Daypack, which comes in mini, medium and large sizes. In addition to 2-4 lenses, a flash and accessories, the Mini Photo/Tablet Daypack can fit a DSLR camera and an iPad or tablet up to 10 inches long. The Mini weighs 1.95 pounds. For those who need to keep hydrated while biking or hiking, the Medium Photo Daypack can hold 1-2 DSLR bodies with a booster or grip, 4-6 lenses, a flash, accessories and has a compartment ready for a hydration reservoir up to 72 ounces. The Medium weighs only 2.4 pounds. If you need enough room to carry your laptop around along with your camera, the Large Photo/Laptop Daypack is able to hold a laptop up to 15 inches, 1-2 DSLR bodies with a booster or grip, 4-6 lenses, a flash and accessories. The Large weighs only 2.6 pounds.

At 16 ounces, the Discovery Top Load camera bag is meant for a relaxed and comfortable day of playing around with your camera. Unessential camera equipment is not allowed in this bag! Only the essential gear fits, for example, a mid-size DSLR, a lens up to 5 inches long, extra batteries, memory cards . . . oh, and your wallet and keys. A bit larger than the Top Load, but still weighing under 2 pounds, the Discovery Large Shoulder Bag can hold 1-2 DSLR bodies with a booster or grip, 5-7 lenses, a flash and accessories.

The Discovery Mini Photo/Laptop Messenger is designed to hold everything you need on a day-to-day basis. It fits a DSLR, 2-3 lenses, a flash, accessories and even has an interior sleeve that will protect a tablet or laptop up to 13 inches. A special feature of this bag is the top zipper that will let you access everything in the bag without opening the entire flap. This allows for security, because no one will be able to see what is in your bag. And if you don't need to use your camera at any point, the complete camera insert is removable so you can take it out and then use your bag for anything else you wish.

Messenger Collection

Express yourself… without carrying around a bag that looks like a camera bag. Tenba's Messenger collection was made for all photographers, from experimenting novice to working professional. These bags are all about easy accessibility, security, and functionality. Only the best materials were used in the creation of this series: water-repellent, military-grade 1000 denier nylon; YKK zippers; Duraflex clips; welded-steel D-rings and waterproof bottom panels. Available in many colors, these bags look great while giving your equipment the utmost protection.

First of all, if you want to protect each piece of your gear individually, try a Messenger Wrap. These come in three sizes: 10 inches square, 16 inches square, and 22 inches square. The 10-inch square size will fit mobile hard drives and small lenses. The 16-inch square wrap will protect all sizes of cameras, lenses up to 200 millimeters, and full-size desktop hard drives. The 22-inch square wrap will give extra protection to anything up to a 17-inch laptop or a lens up to 300 millimeters.

If you need versatility for everyday use, then the Messenger Photo/Laptop Bag is meant for you. With pockets galore, including two on the front of the flap, you can fit your life in this bag—if you want to. For added security, the bag has a top zipper that opens to the interior, so you don't have to open the entire flap to get out your camera gear. No one will be able to see inside your bag. If you don't need your camera for the moment, in the small and large sizes the entire photo insert slides out so you can put in whatever else you need to comfortably carry around. In the Mini, you just remove the dividers for the same result. Each size has a padded laptop sleeve along the back of the interior. The Mini (a Professional Photographer "Hot One" 2011 Winner) holds an iPad, tablet, or laptop up to 13 inches and a SLR body, 2–3 lenses, a flash, and accessories. The Small holds a laptop up to 15 inches. The Large, also available with an engravable plate on the front, holds up to a 17-inch laptop.

Made for the working professional photographer, the Messenger Camera Bag is easy and quick to access, protective and lightweight (only 2.5 pounds). The interior can be customized to fit what you need. This bag holds 1-2 DSLR bodies, 3-5 lenses, a flash and has over 20 pockets for accessories. To remain more secure, the top zipper opens up so you can grab anything inside without anyone seeing the expensive gear you are carrying. The photo insert is also completely removable in case you want to ditch your camera for the evening. This bag will carry everything you need for a day of shooting, but it won't wear you down.

Vector Collection

Vector is a Tenba collection that includes slings, top load bags, shoulder bags, daypacks and even smaller pouches for individual smaller cameras. Protective, practical and stylish, each of these items comes in various sizes and in four different colors: cadmium red, carbon black, krypton green and oxygen blue.

The small pouches are perfect for basic point-and-shoot compact digital cameras. The small Vector 1 Pouch fits the slimmest digital cameras, while the largest Vector 3 Pouch fits larger digital cameras with full manual controls. Each pouch contains a pocket for extra batteries or memory cards. Use it with the included shoulder strap, or attach it to your belt, your bag or anything else you wish.

Without having to take it off, the lightweight Vector 1 Sling Bag is able to swing around your body on its single strap. Shoot fast in the field with this easy accessibility. The Sling can hold 1-2 DSLRs, 3-4 lenses, a flash and accessories. This design also converts to a long-lens bag for a SLR with a mounted 300 millimeter telephoto lens.

If you are just using one DSLR body with one lens (up to 23 centimeters in the Vector 2), the Vector 2 Top Load is the bag for you. This holster style bag can be worn with the included shoulder strap or even at your waist on your belt. All of your needed accessories have their places in six separate storage compartments.

The next step up from the compact Vector Top Load is the Vector Shoulder Bag. This bag has movable, foldable, padded dividers that create a perfect protective fit for your camera. The oversized top flap protects but also gives you fast, easy access when opened. Many compartments, pockets, and storage spaces help keep everything you need organized and easy to find. The largest Vector 3 Shoulder Bag is able to hold a DSLR body, 3-4 lenses, a flash and accessories.

The Vector Daypacks are great for a day of outdoor shooting or travel. The shoulder straps are ventilated, making a comfortable carry on hot days. The camera section in the Vector 2 Photo/Laptop Daypack holds 1-2 DSLR bodies, 3-4 lenses, a flash and accessories. The top section has many pockets to keep anything else you need in your Daypack organized. A top-access pocket on the back holds a laptop up to 15 inches.

Shootout Collection

For serious outdoor photographers, the Shootout collection gives protection for all seasons, for all weather conditions. Only the best materials are used in each design: water-repellent ripstop nylon, weather sealed and rubberized YKK zippers, Duraflex clips, heavily reinforced stitching and expedition-grade harnesses and shoulder straps.

If you are looking for a backpack that has tons of storage space, provides protection from all weather conditions and is the lightest weight of all other backpacks, look no further than the Shootout Ultralight Backpack. Tenba claims this as the lightest full-size backpack in its history. With the padded photo insert included, it comes in at 48 ounces, and without it, 32 ounces—2 to 3 pounds lighter than most bags of this size. For extra security and functionality, the SwitchBack photo insert can be "switched" around to be accessible only from the backpack's harness side. As even more of a theft deterrent, the main pocket's zippers can be locked together with a standard luggage lock. The Ultralight can hold 1-2 SLRs, 3-4 lenses, a flash and accessories.

Outdoor photographers depend on functional backpacks that can protect and hold all their camera gear with easy access points. The Shootout Backpack has everything you need, including a Tenba exclusive multi-stage tripod carrying system (MSTC) and side pods that give easy access to lenses or cameras without your needing to remove the shoulder harness. Perfect for a long day of shooting, the Mini Backpack will not be able to weigh you down with a laptop, but it will fit 2 SLRs, 4-6 lenses (up to 70-200 millimeters 2.8), a flash and any size tripod. Perfect for travel because it meets carry-on requirements, the Small Backpack has an expedition grade waist belt, a removable camera insert and is able to hold a laptop up to 13 inches, 2 SLRs, 5-7 lenses (up to 200 millimeters), a flash and any size tripod. The Medium Backpack is the same as the small but will hold a laptop up to 17 inches, 2 SLRs, 6-8 lenses (up to 300 millimeters), a flash and any size tripod. The Large is also exactly like the Small and Medium, but it will carry as much as you can carry! It will accommodate a laptop up to 17 inches, 2 SLRs, 8-10 lenses (up to 500 millimeters), a flash and any size tripod. The Medium and Large are also available as Rolling Backpacks.

The Shootout Sling camera bag is for quick shots without removing the one-strap bag from your body. From the back you can access the entire main compartment, which in the Small size will fit a regular-sized SLR with no grip or booster (2 bodies if necessary). The Medium size will fit a full-sized professional SLR with a grip or booster (2 bodies if necessary). Both sizes will also accommodate lenses, accessories and a tripod or monopod. Or if you want, each size converts to a long-lens bag that will carry an SLR with a mounted 300 millimeter telephoto lens.

Roadie II Collection

With great appearance, stealth and security, Tenba Roadie II bags are designed to carry expensive laptops, DSLRs, video cameras, and lighting gear while you travel domestically or internationally. These can accommodate strict carry-on regulations without anyone knowing the tremendous equipment you have inside. For the professional photographer, your equipment will be safe within the foam-laminated ballistic nylon exteriors, which include matte-finish YKK zippers, massive stress point reinforcements and numerously configurable photo/video gear compartments.

The Roadie II Compact Rolling Photo/Laptop case can carry 1-2 medium-sized SLRs, 4-6 lenses (up to 300 millimeters), a flash and a laptop (up to 15 inches), plus any combination of important gadgets, documents and accessories.

The Roadie II Universal Rolling Photo/Laptop case can hold 1-2 large professional DSLRs, 6-8 lenses (up to 500 millimeters), as well as a laptop (up to 17 inches) and many accessories.

The Roadie II Large Rolling Photo/Laptop case can accommodate 1-2 professional DSLRs, 7-9 lenses (up to 600 millimeters), as well as a laptop (up to 17 inches) and accessories.

The Roadie II Hybrid Rolling Photo/Laptop case holds 1-2 large professional DSLRs, 6-8 lenses (up to 500 millimeters), as well as a laptop (up to 17 inches) and accessories. When the wheels won't work on stairs or in sand, the fast-deploying backpack harness in this hybrid allows you to comfortably carry the bag.

Black Label Collection

Calling all professionals! There is one more Tenba collection that was made for you. The Black Label collection is practical and durable as a design for working professionals, sustaining Tenba's reputation as the ultimate in professional bags with military matte-finish YKK zippers and straps with large Duraflex clips that secure the main flap. Oversized weather flaps even protect the main compartment and side cargo pockets. However, this elite collection's bags are set apart from other bags because in addition to providing ultimate protection, they have gorgeous tailoring details, with double-needle pleats, sculpted curves and carefully reinforced stress points.

Light in weight and slim in profile, the Small Black Label Photo Satchel weighs only 1.3 pounds and can carry any compact camera system, such as a small size DSLR or Rangefinder with 2-3 lenses and a flash. The Medium Photo Satchel is also lightweight with a slim profile, but can hold a medium-sized DSLR with 2-3 lenses and a flash. The Large Photo Satchel will fit a professional-sized DSLR with a booster or grip, 2-3 lenses (tall enough for 200 millimeters) and a flash.

When you need to carry your complete camera system with you, the Large Black Label Shoulder Bag will accommodate your needs. This bag will hold 2 DSLR bodies, 4-6 lenses, a flash and accessories. The Small Shoulder Bag allows room for a DSLR body with 3-5 lenses, a flash and accessories. The bag can also hold an extra camera body depending on how you configure your equipment.

As you can see, Tenba has covered it all. For those who love the outdoors, there is all-weather protection. For those professional photographers who need great travel bags for their gear, Tenba gives you peace of mind. There is a reason Tenba has been around for about 35 years. "Crafted Without Compromise" is a motto that photographers who need reliable, protective camera bags can live with.