Gitzo Safari Collection Tripods and Heads


Gitzo, the premier tripod line from Manfrotto, has introduced a new line of tripods specially geared towards birders and others requiring a lightweight, sturdy support system for all-weather / all-terrain use with high-power scopes.

Manufactured from Gitzo's latest-generation 6x Carbon Fiber technology and available in Series 1 and Series 2 sizes, Gitzo's Safari tripods feature special waterproof "Ocean-lock" leg locks that help keep water, mud and other forms of grit out of the locking mechanism, as well as rubber-tipped spiked feet, enabling you to set up your gear in environments you would normally avoid.

All three Safari-series tripods are four-section models with rapid columns and have a safari-inspired green finish. The Gitzo GT1540F is the sole, smaller-gauge series-1 model in the Safari lineup. Optimally designed for use with lighter camera/lens combinations and angled scopes, the Gitzo GT1540F has a maximum weight load of 17.6 lb (8 kg), extends to 5.2' (159cm), and folds up to a compact 1.77' (54cm).

For heavier payloads and taller maximum extended heights, Gitzo offers the GT 2540FL, a Series-2 Gitzo tripod, which has a maximum height of 5.74' (175cm) and maximum weight load of 26.45 lb (12 kg). More compact is the Gitzo GT2540F, which can handle the same has the same maximum weight load as the GT 2540FL (26.45 lb / 12 kg), but tops out at a maximum height of 5.01' (153cm) and folds up to a shorter 1.82' (55.5cm).

To complement the new Gitzo Safari tripods, Gitzo is also introducing a line of Series-1 and Series-2 magnesium-alloy ball heads and fluid heads intuitively designed for use with scopes. The Gitzo GH1780FQR Series-1 Safari ballhead and GH2780FQR Series-2 Safari ballhead can support 26.45 lb (10 kg) and 30.86 lb (14 kg) respectively, and have a lateral tilt range of +95° / -13°.

For those requiring (or preferring) fluid heads, Gitzo offers a choice of the Safari Series-1 Magnesium 2-Way and Series-2 Magnesium 2-Way fluid heads. Capable of handling weight loads of up to 8.1lb (4kg) and 13.2 lb (6kg) respectively, and offer a front tilt range of +/-110°.

Featuring the same Safari-green finish as the tripods they're designed to travel with, each of these heads rotates a full 360º, features bubble levels that are viewable at most any angle, and are designed for use with dedicated quick-release plates (1/4-20" for ball heads and 1/4-20" and 3/8" for ballheads).

One-stop shoppers will want to check out the Gitzo GK2520FT Traveler BW Kit, a 4-section, Series-2 tripod / fluid head combo that folds up to a compact 1.73' (53cm), yet opens up to an eye-level 5.38' (164cm) and can handle weight loads of up to 8.81 lb (4 kg).