Hands-On Review: Ape Case Introduces New Tech Messengers, Expandable Holsters, and the Maxess Backpack


Just in time for spring, new innovative and modular Tech Messengers, Expandable Holsters, and the Maxess Backpack from Ape Case provide protection with padded, durable exteriors and organization with high-visibility, yellow interiors.

Large and Compact Tech Messengers

The inviting color caught my eye, but the smart design sealed the deal. The first thing I noticed about the new Tech Messenger Bags from Ape Case was the bright color of the front flap. The second thing was the innovative means of access to the camera compartment underneath. A heavy-duty, touch-fastened panel secures the flap, and a half-moon-shaped zipper underneath provides easy-grab zipper pulls for quick access to your gear. To arrange your accessories, the spacious yet slim-profile bag has a top zippered storage pocket with an interior organizer.

The Large Tech Messenger holds your DSLR, a lens, and a flash inside the main camera compartment and features a soft, lined pocket in the storage pocket for your iPad or 11" tablet in a protective case. The Compact Tech Messenger features an identical layout, but is small enough to protect your mirrorless camera with a pair of lenses and an iPad mini or 7" tablet.

"These bags will change the perception that camera gear is only protected inside industrial-black camera bags..."

Inside the camera compartment, multiple touch-fastened panels along the walls allow you to adjust the included padded divider and lens cushion. The lens cushion can be used as a protective support, underneath the lens or beside the lens, to keep the camera from sliding around. Aside from a tablet pocket, there are two expandable slip pockets for chargers and cables, and a zippered pocket for batteries or memory cards included in the inside organizer.

A bright yellow interior allows you to see what you're looking for easily, to avoid searching for smaller accessories. To carry the bag comfortably, there is an adjustable shoulder strap attached, which has a breathable mesh comfort pad and a non-slip grip. In alignment with the fresh color scheme, the shoulder strap features durable plastic hardware in bright white.  

These bags will change the perception that camera gear is only protected inside industrial-black camera bags, and allow you this fresh, light-colored alternative.


Pro Series Expandable DSLR Holsters

For a discernable mix of form and function, Ape Case has created the Pro Series Expandable DSLR Holsters, available in Compact, Compact Plus, and Standard. These modular bags feature numerous zippers, allowing you three ways to alternate interior compartments for your gear.

The Compact Plus and the Standard Holsters have a main compartment at the base with a padded, touch-fastened camera harness inside. This compartment is accessed through a zipper at the center rear of the bag. When you need more space, the top compartment can be unbuckled from the sides and used as a storage area, with access via a top zipper. Finally, for one spacious interior, the base of the top compartment can be opened via a hidden zipper and both compartments can be merged and accessed from the top. Both of these will hold a DSLR with an attached lens, and feature removable rain covers. For accessories, there is a slip pocket at each side and a front zippered pocket that holds an interior organizer. Additionally, there is an included bottle holder to keep your water bottle ready for immediate hydration.

"These modular bags feature numerous zippers, allowing you three ways to alternate interior compartments for your gear."


The Compact version is ideal for a mirrorless camera with a pair of lenses, and, for protection, there’s a padded interior divider and a lens cushion, instead of the interior camera harness. For storing accessories, it has a convenient front zippered pocket.


Maxess DSLR Backpack

When you need to pack a lot of gear into one easily accessible travel bag, reach for the Maxess DSLR Backpack. Featuring a modular, touch-fastened interior, this backpack allows you to choose the way you store and access your gear.

Right off the bat, it features three zippered entry points at the top, the side, and the back. There is a large quick-access side zipper, providing you with a capacious view into most of the bag, and a smaller base zipper accessible from the back. The base zipper at the back features a touch-fastened floor overhead, creating a mini rear compartment that can secure three lenses; one of them is subject to dual access from the side. The side zipper provides quick access to your DSLR with lens, a flash, and two additional items such as a battery pack, large lens, or more flashes, as well as the extra lens from the base compartment. The top access features a touch-fastened base floor that creates an independent top accessory storage compartment. When you want a more compact design, the top compartment rolls down and secures into side quick-release buckles, allowing you to access your backpack solely from the side or back.

"When you need to pack a lot of gear into one easily accessible travel bag, reach for the Maxess DSLR Backpack."

A front zippered pocket will accommodate an iPad or a similar size tablet in a protective case. For organizing your accessories, there is a large side zipper at the other side of the backpack that opens to reveal a multitude of pockets, including two large slip pockets and a mesh zippered pocket with two touch-fastened memory card pockets inside. Additionally, on top of the side zippered pocket and side zippered quick-access panel, there are expandable mesh slip pockets. At the front of the bag, there is a slip base pocket with a touch-fastened closure, which opens to eject a hidden tripod cup. This provides a front tripod attachment along with the quick-release buckled strap at the front.

Featuring an ergonomically padded back panel, the Maxess DSLR Backpack has waist and sternum straps, as well as padded shoulder straps, which feature D-rings, accessory attachment loops, a bottle holder, and flashlight holder. For unpredictable weather, an included pouch unfolds into a protective rain cover for the backpack.

The Maxess DSLR Backpack will be in stock soon. Please check back on the B&H website for pricing and availability.

Ape Cases

Whether you are looking for that splash of color to brighten your day, a durable holster that caters to your gear, or an all-in-one backpack, these new Ape Cases don’t monkey around.