Hands-On Review: Nikon D800 Digital SLR Camera

The Nikon D800 is the company's highest-resolution full-frame DSLR, at 36 megapixels. The FX format DSLR features 51 autofocus points and 15 cross-type sensors. The D800 is a full-featured camera especially suited for professionals shooting landscapes and portraits. The camera allows you to capture up to 9 separate images in a single bracketed set, for a broad exposure range for HDR photography.

Larry Becker of Kelby Media reviews the Nikon D800 and finds its low-light performance is quite good even at the high native ISO of 6400. What's more, the HD video quality is excellent, and many features combine to make the D800 a strong contender for DSLR videographers: the camera's microphone and headphone jacks, its ability to put out a clean HDMI signal, and the fact that its settings are adjustable during filming.


I am having problems with my Nikon D90. The problem I am having is the camera displays err when I'm shooting.  This has happened several times already and I don't know what makes this happen. I was shooting an important event and it happened. It is like the camera just shuts down. Can you tell me why this happens and what I can do when it happens.  


Hi Diane -

First load and format a fresh memory card.  Make sure the  recording lock-out switch on the card is not engaged.

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Does the D-800 body have the same dust/oil spot problem as the my current D-600 body?

My D600 body is currently in Nikon Repair (2/14/14) for 3rd time now without resolution to the dust/oil spots on the sensor. Nikon's testing is only done in .jpg rather than 16 bit RAW....which never duplicates my problem with my D600 body. Hopefully, they will replace my D600 body with the new D-610 body from a different manufacturing facility and fix my problem that I have had since my purchase in October 2012.

Does your D800 have the same dust/oil spots on your sensor as does many of the D600 cameras?