Hands-On Review: Sekonic Litemaster Pro L-478DR


The Sekonic Litemaster Pro L-478DR light meter is the first meter available that features a color touch screen interface for taking light readings, navigating menus and controlling personal profiling options. This meter allows you to record light readings for still, flash and cine applications, and even lets you control which metering methods readily appear to best suit your own image-gathering workflow.




Additionally, you can fine-tune your measurements by implementing preset and programmable camera settings, exposure-compensation settings, filtration settings and comparative measurements to help you achieve the most accurate, balanced exposure readings possible. The L-478DR also integrates PocketWizard ControlTL radio technology, giving you the ability to trigger and adjust the power settings of up to three flash zones wirelessly, directly from your meter.

Type Digital light meter for flash and ambient light
Light Receiving Method Incident light and reflected light
Light Receptor Incident: Lumisphere convertible to flat diffuser (with retracted lumisphere)
Reflected: 5° spot metering with optional viewfinder
Light Receptor Element Silicon photo diodes
Measuring Mode Ambient: Aperture priority measuring, Shutter speed priority measuring, TF priority measuring, Cine measuring, HD Cine camera measuring, Illuminance measuring (lux, foot candle), Luminance measuring (foot-lambert, cdm2)
Flash: Cord Mode (with/without multiple cumulative), Cordless Mode (with/without multiple cumulative), Radio triggering Mode (with/without multiple cumulative)
Measuring Range (ISO 100) Ambient– Incident: EV -2 to 22.9 (approx. f/2 at 15 sec. to f/22.9 at 1/8000 sec.) / Reflected: EV 3 to 19.9
Flash light– Incident: f/1.0 to f/128.9 / Reflected: f/2.8 to f/128.9
Illuminance– 0.63 to 2,000,000 lux / 0.10 to 180,000 fc (EV -2 to 19.6)
Luminance (Reflected Light)– 1 to 980,000 cdm2 (EV 3 to 22.9) / 0.29 to 290,000 fl (EV 1.5 to 22.9)
Repeat Accuracy +/- 0.1 EV or less
Calibration Constant Incident: Lumisphere C = 340, Flat C = 250
Reflected: K = 12.5
ISO Display Range ISO 3 to 409600 (in 1/3 steps)
Shutter Speed Display Range Ambient: 30 min. to 1/6400 sec. (in 1, 1/2, and 1/3 steps), 1/200 and 1/400 sec. also available
Flash: 30 min. to 1/1000 sec. (in 1, 1/2, and 1/3 steps), 1/75, 1/80, 1/90, 1/100, 1/200, and 1/400 sec. also available
Aperture Display Range f/0.5 to f/162.2 (in 1/3 steps)
Frame Rate (f/s) Display Range 1 to 1000 (20 types other possible settings)
Shutter Angle Display Range 1° to 358° (20 types other possible settings)
EV Display Range EV -27.9 to 55.8 (only effective with ambient light)
Analog Display Range T scale: 4 to 1/2000 sec. (in 1/3 steps)
F scale: f/1.0 to f/90 (in 1/3 steps)
EV scale:  EV -3 to 3 (incident light, in 1/3 steps) / EV -7 to 7 (reflected light, in 1/3 steps)
Illuminance lux: 0 to 50,000 lux
Illuminance fc: 0 to 5,000 fc
Luminance cd/m2: 0 to 2,500 cd/m2
Luminance fl: 0 to 1,000 fl
Contrast Display Range EV -9.9 to 9.9 (in 1/10 steps)
Filter Compensation Display Range EV -5 to 5 (in 1/10 steps)
Cumulative Count 0 to 99 times
Compensation Display Range EV -9.9 to 9.9 (in 1/10 steps)
Custom Setting Functions 24 items
Power Source 2x AAA dry cell batteries (alkaline, manganese, lithium, nickel hydride, or nickel-based)
Operating Temperature 14-122°F / -10-50°C (no condensation)
Storage Temperature -4-140°F / -20-60°C (no condensation)
Dimensions 2.2 x 5.5 x 1” / 57 x 140 x 26mm
Weight 4.9 oz / 140 g (without batteries)



I have swiched to Japanese and I cant find the way back to English. HELP!

Unfortunately the switch can only be performed by Sekonic/MAC group directly.  I am very sorry about that.  Below are the contact details for Sekonic (distributed by the MAC Group) for you to contact:

MAC Group
75 Virginia Road
North White Plains, NY 10603
United States
Phone: +1 914-347-3300
Fax: +1 914-347-3309
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.macgroupus.com

the radio technology only supports to pocket wizards receivers?... what are the compatible brands that can be triggered by this lightmeter wirelessly? thanx

Pocket Wizards are the only trigger system compatible with the Sekonic meters.  The two companies are sister companies and work together to allow their systems to work together.  As such other wireless trigger systems are not compatible with the Sekonic meters.