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Hands-On Review: Sigma DP3 Merrill


The Sigma DP3 Merrill is a point-and-shoot camera with a 46MP, APS-C-sized sensor. About 15 megapixels are assigned to each of the primary imaging colors: red, green and blue. Renowned for their lenses, Sigma includes a fixed focal length 50mm f/2.8 lens with this DP3 Merrill; in 35mm-equivalent terms, that's a 75mm lens.

In this review of the Sigma DP3 Merrill, Larry Becker, of Kelby Media, finds that the camera provides good image quality with accurate colors and subtle tonal gradations, a fairly quick burst-mode capture at 4 fps, and intuitive controls and menus. With its moderately telephoto lens and its high-quality sensor, the DP3's strengths include formal portraits and landscapes.


Regarding the lack of cable release option and to use a sturdy tripod. I always use the 2s timer mode to get around this problem. Which removes the risk of introducing motion blur and the need of really sturdy tripod. Just a tip :-)

Love all that B&H does except the long winded intros to videos. We know where we are-we came for the video not the intros to the videos. thanks- bill