Hands-On Review: the SkyLux LED Light

Watch and listen as Larry Becker, of Kelby Media, discusses Westcott's new SkyLux LED continuous light source. Becker explores the attributes and special qualities of LEDs, impressive power versus traditional tungsten sources, dimming features, long lamp life, and accurate color rendering. The video also showcases the form factor of the SkyLux and how it blends in seamlessly with flash and natural light. Becker additionally conveys the SkyLux's wide compatibility with the extensive line of Westcott light-shaping tools, as well as other brands, with SkyLux's Bowens mount. 














I was almost ready to rent these lights based on your review with a view purchacing them from B&H. However, the rental company mentioned a couple of things that had me take a second look at reviews. I found a comparison posted by an Austrian videographer. He compared them to a 500k Chimera Triolet. At 1.5 meters the Triolet was over 1.5 stops brighter. I know the Skylux is 5600k, but this is not what you would expect from a light that you said puts out 1200 watts. I am sure everything else you said is true, but it seems it's probably comparable to a 300k light. Any comments?

Hi Gregory -

These lights do not output 1200 watts. They output the approximate equivalent of 1200 watts of tungsten generated lighting.

Please see Westcott's website for details and videos of these lights in action:


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