Hands-On Video Review: GigaPan EPIC Pro Robotic Camera Mount


Have you ever wanted to create massive panoramic images with ridiculous amounts of detail? Gigapan's Epic series robotic camera mounts are designed expressly for that purpose. In this video, Kelby Media's Larry Becker gets his feet wet with panoramic photography by reviewing the Gigapan Epic Pro, which is designed for larger DSLR/lens combinations. The robotic hardware takes you through the process of shooting panoramic photos with hundreds of images, and the company's included software automates the process of stitching those photos together.

In the video, Becker also interviews professional photographer David Bergman, who's well known for taking a Gigapan image of President Obama's 2009 Inauguration. This photo, like other Gigapan crowd shots, is so detailed that you can easily zoom for a good look at the faces of Senators, Supreme Court Justices, as well as thousands of other people. Bergman talks about his early successes as a Gigapan novice and gives some helpful tips about advanced practices for panoramic photography with the Gigapan Epic Pro. 

System Requirements Windows XP and Vista, and Intel-based Macs with OS X 10.4 and higher
Minimum of 1GB of RAM (2GB is recommended)
30GB of free hard drive space (this can be an external drive)
GigaPan Stitch software (free download included)
Display2-line monochrome LCD
Bubble LevelYes
Power RequirementsRechargeable battery pack (7.2V, 4300mAH)(included)
Battery CapacityMore than 1,000 images (on fully charged batteries) 
Camera Mount1/4" thread
Dimensions11 x 12 x 6" (27 x 30 x 15 cm)
Weight7.25 lb (3.3 kg) (with battery)



Please, one cuestion about GigaPan EPIC Pro.
It´s compatible with SONY NEX 7 ?
Thank you.

One of the best hardware reviews I've seen...thanks. Awesome product, would love to add this to the collection.

Will the unit be capable of Geocentric movement to capture night sky images without stars tracking across the image?

This is one of my ultimate "bucket-list", wish list items already!
I wonder how I could adapt it for astrophotography? Is there the ability to adjust the panning so you can take a panoramic of the night sky over a four or more hour period of time? That would at least give me more ammo to make it a justifiable wish-list item.

Looks great,
would be awesome if it could do video Pan/Tilts

I'm curious: can it also be programmed to act as a video pan/tilt head?

Although it isn't mentioned this mount should be able to be used for time lapse moves if the software allows it. I guess this is an "off label" use but the mount seems capable of it. I suggest the company in charge of writing the stitching software should be approached about this if it is not an option already.


While it will depend on the movements you want to accomplish, my answer is not since the unit is designed to take still panoramic images.