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Holiday 2012 Redux: Articles for Helpful Reference


The writing staff at B&H collectively produced more than 120 holiday articles in late 2012, and the information they contain is still incredibly useful, even though the decorations have come down and many gifts have been exchanged. Below you’ll find a recap of our extensive holiday campaign, which highlights the excellent information resources we provided for Photography, Video, Pro Audio, Computers, and Home and Portable Entertainment.


Learn useful photo techniques

All about lenses

Dive into DLSRs

Learn about mirrorless cameras

And other styles of cameras

All-important photo accessories


Learn about tools for creating cinematic footage

Capture extreme footage with action cameras

Learn about production techniques

Pro Audio

Expand your knowledge of computer recording

About electronic music and DJ gear

Recording on the go

Gear for improving audio for video

Jam with these keyboards, guitars and drums

Wrap your head around these headphones


Hard facts on hardware

  • IPS Monitors – What is an IPS monitor? Find out as we suggest some models
  • Upgrading Your Computer – An informative article with tips on beefing up your computer's performance
  • Home Networking – This article explains the basics and goes into detail about setting up a home network
  • Ultrabooks – Familiarize yourself with an assortment of these super-thin, super-light notebook computers
  • Hard Drives – External hard drives that will expand your data-storage capabilities

Tablets, tablets, tablets, tablets

I’m a Mac, I’m a PC

Home Entertainment

Learn all about TVs and projectors

Bring music into your home

Portable Entertainment

Learn about different headphones and speakers

Gear for the road

Articles that span multiple categories

Got a birthday coming up?

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