Image Editing Made Easy With Nik Software




These days photography is as much about taking a picture as it is about post processing. In the days of film, various effects could be derived from a negative, and today we have sophisticated photo-editing software. However, in both cases a lot of work and experience is necessary to obtain the desired results. Nik Software has a range of plug-ins for Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture that has brought more convenience to the process.

In this two-hour video, Carly Adams from Nik Software demonstrates all of the company’s plug-ins. She does so in great detail with numerous examples, and shows how easy it is to fix noise, adjust color and exposure, create effects, process HDR photos and more. In all cases, easy does not mean less-than-stellar results. On the contrary, the sophisticated software can tackle almost any photographic issue within minutes.



Great and informative video! Next on my list! Thanks!


are you still doing nik software I understood you were bought by Google and did not know if the software was still available



B&H no longer carries Nik Software.  Though, you can find the entire Google Nik Collection if you Click Here.

Would line to download software to edit imanges

  This was a Fantastic 2 hour presentation of NIK software. Carly did a great presentation. I wasnt sure if I wanted to purchase this software but now I am. I would like to find the Discount code to try and save a little on this purchase.  Thank you for this excellent NIK Presentation.  Dennis