Induro Carbon Fiber Tripods


Lighter-weight carbon fiber tripods have been around for quite some time now, so when Induro decided to throw their hat into the ring they had the attributes, features, and liabilities of many brands to consider. Induro currently offers 8 carbon fiber tripods that handle maximum loads from 11- to 55 lb, with each of the 8 supporting roughly about 50% more weight in ascending order from the light 2.1-lb CT014  to the heavy-duty 6.3-lb CT414.



Integrity of Materials

Carbon fiber is extremely quality dependent, meaning that consistency from batch to batch is of paramount importance, as is your source. The raw material needs to be stored at strictly regulated temperatures in clean conditions to prevent contamination that would inhibit proper curing and result in compromised quality. For these reasons, Induro makes its own 8-ply carbon fiber, which yields greater stability and a high load-capacity-to-tripod weight ratio. The CT114, for example, weighs only 2.8 lb and supports up to 17.6 lb, while the heavy-duty CT414 weighs 6.3 lb and supports up to an impressive 55 lb.

Core Strength

The heart of a tripod and the source of its stability starts with the yoke or "spider"—the foundation, if you will, that pulls the whole structure together. Induro crafts theirs from magnesium alloy, a fusion of two elements that combine aluminum's strength with magnesium's light weight and corrosion resistance. Induro employs a wide stance (think broad base) V-pattern cross-braced design, an intersecting diagonal method that is commonly used in bridge supports, to maximize the weight that they can support.

Center Columns

The Induro CT line features grooved center columns that defeat torsion and ensure that the framing of your subject remains static from left to right and that panning only occurs when you want it to, with a panning ball, standard three-way, or gimbal head. The column is reversible for low-angle or macro shots.

Full-Width Leg Locks

Induro CT tripods have individual leg-spreading capability that can handle any kind of terrain and tight or unusual venues. Angles are selectable: standard 80°, low 55°, and extra-low 24°. The weak link in many tripods is the size of the tabs used for the locks. Induro uses tabs that span the full width of the leg so that the chain of stability remains unbroken throughout the tripod.

Non-Rotating Legs

Photography should be the shortest distance between inspiration and execution and that shouldn't involve binding up your height-adjustment leg locks and doing a comical dance with the tripod before you've even mounted your camera on it. For this reason, Induro CT tripod legs don't rotate. Anyone who's ever tried to free up an over-torqued leg lock on a frigid day will eagerly embrace the CT Series' oversized, grippy, dust- and moisture-resistant twist locks that need only a 1/2 turn to lock and unlock, regardless of the section.

Convenience and Ergonomics

Sometimes it's the little things that count, and Induro CT tripods have a host of ergonomic and convenience features. The oversized center-column locking collar means faster action with less effort. The center-column weight hook at the bottom of the column allows you to stabilize the tripod with various counterweight objects or even your camera bag. There's a built-in bubble level on the spider, for panoramas, and an accessory outlet for a flag to shield your lens from the sun or for transmitters or receivers. Induro has 10 ball heads, 5 pan heads, and 3 gimbal heads for you to choose from, but if you've already got one that you'd like to use, fitting it to the tripod won't be a problem since a reversible 1/4"-20 to 3/8"-16 head mounting screw is provided. Shooting on ice or soft turf is no problem either, thanks to the inclusion of stainless-steel spikes that are interchangeable with the leg's rubber feet. The top sections of each leg are padded for a firm grasp in cold or wet weather. There's also a case with a strap for storage and transport.


The definition of system as a harmonious arrangement or pattern of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated whole to serve a common purpose could be applied to every carbon fiber tripod in Induro's CT line. And that common purpose is support and stability.

Use of the tripod confirms that the interactivity of each tripod's components as they extend from its core or "spider" was considered at every stage of design and manufacturing. And while not always an applicable axiom in the world of tripods, in the case of the Induro CT line, the harmony of form following function also equals style.

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