Induro PHQ 5-Way Panheads


For some photographers, any tripod head will do. And while this may hold true for many photographers, others eventually get to a point at which the subject matter they're pursuing—and sometimes where they're pursuing their subjects—starts revealing the limitations of the pan or ball head they've been using until that time. If this sounds familiar, you might want to look into Induro's PHQ-series 5-Way Panheads.

As soon as you pick up an Induro 5-Way panhead, you start appreciating the thought process behind these versatile tripod heads. Pan and tilt, two baseline functions of any tripod head worth its salt, have been improved upon and enhanced in a package that makes the Induro PHQ head an all-in-one camera support solution optimized for a range of photographic applications.

Making use of what Induro's design engineers describe as a Quintaxial concept (patent pending), PHQ 5-way panheads offer calibrated dual tilt, base and top plate rotation, which allow photographers full (and repeatable) indexing on five axes for maximum control and flexibility when positioning cameras in the tightest shooting parameters. Once your camera is secured via the head's Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release system, you can tilt the camera vertically +90° ~ -15°, horizontally +90° ~ -45°, and pan the entire assembly a full 360°. You can also rotate the top plate a full 360° on any tilt angle, as well as control balance and nodal point positioning (using optional third-party accessories).

For leveling the camera, the PHQ 5-Way head incorporates five bubble levels, and to reduce the chance of damaging the head while in transit—not to mention making it easier to pack—both control arms fold flush to the tripod.

The control possibilities designed into the Induro PHQ 5-Way panhead system make it ideal for shooting QTVR, spherical and 3D photo applications, as well as conventional shooting in the studio or on location. Induro PHQ 5-Way panheads are available in two sizes: the Induro PHQ1 (up to 25.3 lb/11.5 kg) and Induro PHQ3 (up to 35.2 lb/16 kg,) and each includes an Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release plate.