Lighting Review: Rosco 8 x 8" LitePad Vector CCT LED Light


LED lighting systems have only improved over the years and, as a result, they are being incorporated into a wide variety of lighting systems designed for shooting stills and video.

As small, lightweight, and portable light systems go, the new Rosco 8 x 8" LitePad Vector CCT LED Light goes a long way. Measuring 9.70 x 12.50 x 2.82" (246 x 318 x 72mm), including its yoke and receiver, Rosco’s Vector CCT LED lamp head outputs a color temperature range of 3000K to 6000K in 100° increments. Offering a respectable 93 CRI rating at 3000K and 86 at 6000K, the light also provides 0 to 100% dimming control in 1° increments.

Rosco’s 8x8" LitePad Vector CCT LED light offers an ideal form factor, providing small, portable lighting for stills and video.

Ideal for lighting small tabletop, product photography, and portrait setups, Rosco’s latest LitePad is equally adept for lighting closer-range subjects in video productions.

Encased in a rugged aluminum frame, the IP61-rated fixture features a pair of power and color-temperature control dials with an LCD readout. A pair of RJ45 Ports for DMX512 provide input and output on the rear of the lamp head. The front of the lamp head features a narrow slot for gels or light modifiers, and the fixture can be powered by a choice of either 100-240 VAC adapter or optional 12VDC battery packs.

The yoke mount has a 5/8" receiver, making it compatible with most any light stand or lamp mount. Including the yoke and receiver, Rosco’s 8 x 8" LitePad Vector CCT LED light weighs a reasonable 4.5lb (2 kg).

The white balance of a LitePad Vector CCT LED light is adjustable from 3000K to 6000K in 100-degree increments. Power output can be adjusted from 0 to 100% in 1-degree increments.

If your assignments include shooting stills or video in inclement weather, rainforests, refineries, or otherwise hostile-to-photo-gear environments, you can slip an optional Rosco LitePad Rain Cover over the lamp head. This fitted rain cover features transparent panels front and back, making it possible to use lamp heads under less than desirable circumstances.

When working in wet or dusty environments, Rosco offers an optional rain cover that allows for full access and lighting functionality.

For our review of Rosco’s Vector CCT LED lights we were sent a 2-Head LitePad Vector CCT Backpack Kit, which consists of a rugged Pelican backpack containing two LitePad Vector CCT fixtures with yokes and power supplies, a pair of Rain Covers, and two 5/8" (16mm) light stand receivers.

Rosco 2-Head LitePad Vector CCT Backpack Kit

Add a pair of compact light stands and you have a complete continuous lighting system that can be stowed in the overhead compartments of most commercial aircraft.

If you’d prefer a third head for more ambitious assignments, you can consider the Rosco 3-Head LitePad Vector CCT Location Lighting Kit. In addition to three heads, this kit includes three LitePad light stands, three LitePad Vector Honeycomb Eggcrates, three Opti-Flecs 8 x 8" LED Filter Kits, and a hard-shell rolling case to get everything from point A to point B.

Rosco 3-Head LitePad Vector CCT Location Lighting Kit

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I apologize for the beginner question, but would an led light be suitable when shooting on color film? Ektar or Portra? I usually use natural light, but may be shooting indoors and need supplemental lighting. I'm concerned about color balance. Thank you

Yes, you may use LED lights when shooting with film.  Most LED lights are daylight-balanced (similar to flash light), typically between 5000-5500K (typically depending on the light fixture).  Both Kodak Professional Portra and Kodak Professional Ektar film are both daylight-balanced film.  As such, daylight-balanced LED lights would be compatible for use with the above film.  If the LED light fixtures you own are bi-color units, then you may adjust the fixutre to output daylight-balanced light.  In the rare case the LED light fixture only outputs tungsten color light, you may purchase a filter, such as the Rosco # 3202 Full Blue CTB Color Conversion Gel Filter (20x24" Sheet), B&H # RO3202S, would convert the light output color to daylight balanced for your needs.

por favor me podrian informar el precio muy amble grasias