Lightscoop DSLR Flash Modifiers



The good news about your DSLR's pop-up flash is that it's right there whenever you need it. The bad news is the light it produces is harsh, prone to weird shadows and red eye and seldom—if ever—flattering. To right these wrongs, Light Scoop has introduced a pair of mirrored bounce attachments designed to soften the blow of your pop-up flash.

Consisting of a three-sided, sweep-angled polycarbonate housing that snaps over your DSLR's flash, Lightscoops ($29.95) use a combination white diffuser and reflecting mirror to catch the light, diffuse it and bounce it along to an adjacent wall or ceiling. The end results include softer shadows, greatly diminished shadows, off-center light modeling and zero red eye.

Lightscoops are available to fit most DSLRs and are available with standard or warm mirrors. Designed to fit most DSLRs, parallel models are also available for Sony DSLRs.

The Lightscoop Universal Mirror is designed for use with most DSLRs and is available in a choice of standard or warm-toned, depending on whether you prefer neutral or warmer-looking imagery. 

If you own a Sony DSLR, the Lightscoops you'll be interested in are the Lightscoop Sony Standard Mirror and the Lightscoop Sony Warming Mirror, which accomplish the same goals as the Universal models, though with a snugger fit.

Editor's Note: We're adding samples of test shots from the manufacturer. In no way are we confirming or denying the value of the Lightscoop, since we were unable to take the time to make our own test shots.


First up: Standard Lightscoop


Warming Lightscoop