Limelite’s Wide Range of Tungsten, Fluorescent, and LED Lighting


Whether you shoot in the studio or on location, Limelite offers an LED, tungsten, or fluorescent lighting solution to suit your needs.

Increasingly popular LED technology is represented by Limelite's Mosaic lights. These 1x1' panels employ 576 LEDs with a CRI of >85 for accurate color rendering  and output up to 5200 lux at 3'.  Daylight, Tungsten, and Bi-Color versions are available and feature a back-panel digital display to allow you to monitor fixture functions such as dimming, or in the case of the Bi-Color, color temperature. An RJ-45 connector allows DMX control of one or several panels from a remote lighting console. Large light banks can be created using optional yokes for 2 or 4 Mosaics. 

One major benefit of choosing LED lighting is low power consumption. LED fixtures have a very high power-draw-to-output ratio, compared to incandescent lights. In fact, a system of 20 Mosaics draws less power than a traditional 1,000W tungsten light, while generating many times its output—without the heat. This reduces air-conditioning costs in the studio and virtually eliminates heat-related hazards.

The same attributes apply to the 72-LED, on-camera Mosaic Solo. Powered by AA batteries, as well as its AC adapter or battery sources using the included D-Tap cable, this daylight-balanced light is ideal for ENG or any sort of on-the-go shooting. You can also mount it off camera on a light stand, thanks to its 1/4"-20 tapped swivel mount. The Mosaic Solo's elongated rectangular form factor and 70º beam angle provide the wider coverage required for 16:9 shooting.

For those who require tungsten lighting, the Pixel Zoom Light is an ideal choice. The 300W floodlight focuses from 95 to 115º and features an inline dimmer that varies power from 100-1%.  By swapping out the lamp, you can use the Pixel anywhere in the world, with the addition of a simple plug adapter.

The last series of lights are Limelite's Studiolite fluorescent fixtures. Compared to tungsten lights, fluorescent fixtures run relatively cool, providing soft wraparound light that can be controlled via optional grids and barndoors. The Studiolite line offers 2-, 4-, and 8-lamp versions to easily match a fixture to your requirements. Both the 2-lamp SL255DMX and the 4-lamp SL455DMX can be tilted 90 or 45º on their center yokes, while the 8-lamp SL855DMX's yoke allows a wide range of vertical tilt. The entire series has built-in, flicker-free ballasts and, as their names imply, all three fixtures are controllable remotely via DMX. Easily replaceable 3000K or 5400K lamps are available.

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You wrote "LED fixtures have a very high power-draw-to-output ratio". In fact, you got it precisely backward. They have a low ratio of power drawn by the fixture to light output. Alternatively, you might have said, "LED fixtures have a very high ratio of light output to power consumed".