Lowel Blender


Maintaining clean color balance when shooting stills and video in mixed lighting has long been problematic in portraiture, fashion, beauty and textile applications. But with the introduction of the Lowel Blender, maintaining visually pleasing color balance is as easy as rotating a dial or two.

The Lowel Blender is a small (3.7 x 3.7 x 6.5" including 5/8" stand mount) lighting fixture containing a dozen LED lamps—a half dozen Daylight LEDs (5000°K) and a half dozen Tungsten LEDs (3000°K). Each group of LEDs can be turned on individually or together using rear mounted rotary dimmer controls that allow you to increase the volume of light emitted by each group, from 0 to 100%. This enables you to adjust the color of the fixture from pure Daylight to pure Tungsten steplessly, making the Lowel Blender an invaluable tool when shooting in mixed lighting. Because they’re so small, Lowel Blenders are lightweight, easy to pack, and can be used in the tightest environments, making them a favorite light source for ENG shooters.

In addition to a standard 5/8"-stud mount, a selection of handles and alternate mounting devices is also available, making it possible to secure Blenders to any number of surfaces and mounting platforms. Once secured, the Blender lamp heads can be tilted 280° upward and downward to fit your needs, making them extremely desirable for fast and dirty fill lights, regardless of the nature of the ambient lighting. Blenders are also useful for adding a touch of warmth to your subject when shooting portraits. Simply dial in the desired color/lighting effect and you’re good to go. With a curb weight of 1.2 lb, Lowel Blenders are ideal lighting tools for location-shooting road warriors.

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Designed for use in the studio as well as on location, the Lowel Blender can be powered by AC (120 or 240v), Sony, Panasonic and Canon camcorder battery sleds, or 12v connections including your car’s cigarette lighter, a 4-pin XLR cable, as well as Anton Bauer batteries. The basic Blender kit comes with a clear plastic safety cover, three additional diffuser panels, and an AC adapter with a 120v Edison plug and 240v 2-pin Euro plug. In addition to the basic kit, Lowel also offers a number of one- and two-lamp kits, each with an assortment of related accessories.

Among the accessories available for the Lowel Blender are additional diffusion panels, Lowel’s Pro and iGel Frame for using additional color gels, gel diffusers and Polarizer gels, Tota-brellas (Special/White or Silver), Uni-stands, and handle grips for handholding the Lowel Blender.