Magnus Tripods Offer Support and Versatility


Offering versatility and a wide breadth of designs and functionality, Magnus Tripods are support systems that provide an array of options to suit many photographic applications. Ranging from small tabletop tripods to full-size models, these tripods are well situated for use with most consumer-grade cameras, and provide functionality to match any working scenario.




Full-Size Photo Tripods

DX and DX-M Series

The DX series tripods from Magnus consists of eight different models predicated on the inclusion of a three-way pan and tilt head, foam padded aluminum-alloy legs and a geared center column for convenience and efficiency when extra camera support is required. These tripods range in load capacity from 3.3 lb to 6.6 lb, and in maximum height from 52” to about 64”. Within these outlines are several tripods that are well tailored for use with point-and-shoot and smaller interchangeable-lens cameras.

When choosing between the eight models available, their model numbers are the nomenclature for a system that denotes their load capacity, number of leg sections and relative height attributes. The first number indicates load capacity, with a higher number representing a greater amount of weight that can be supported. 3 is a 3.3-lb capacity, 4 is a 4.4-lb capacity and 5 is a 6.6-lb capacity. The second number in the sequence represents the number of leg sections, which in the case of the DX series of tripods, is always 3. The final two numbers of the sequence represent the relative height compared to other Magnus tripods, and roughly speaking, 00 is about 44”, 10 is about 52”, 20 is about 58” and 30 is about 63”.

With these figures in mind, it becomes easy to sort through the inherent features of each tripod model to determine the best fit for your needs. Following this system, the DX-3310 is the smallest and most compact model of this series, with a 3.3-lb capacity and a maximum height of 52”. The DX-3320 and DX-3330 also have a 3.3-lb weight capacity, but have maximum heights of 58.5” and 63.5”, respectively. Moving up in weight capacity to 4.4 lb, the DX-4310, DX-4320, and DX-4330 have maximum heights of 52”, 58.3” and 64.2”, respectively. Lastly, the DX-5320 and DX-5330 are the largest of the series, being able to hold up to 6.6 lb of weight, and measuring 58” and 63.75” in height.

Beside their weight and height characteristics, the DX series of tripods also feature flip-lock style leg locks for simplified one-handed operation, and rubber feet for stability and traction on most surfaces. Many of these models also integrate retractable metal spikes in the feet, for even greater grip when working on soft or slippery ground. A counterweight hook is incorporated into the bottom of the center column for hanging additional weight on the tripods for increased stability, and a mid-level spreader also helps to provide rigidity for ensured image sharpness.

Taking the same feature set from the DX series, but adding additional functionality, is the DX-M series of tripods. These tripods follow the same naming conventions, but add an M at the end to signify that the center column converts to a full-size, four-section monopod when removed. The DX-3320M is the smallest of this series and has a 3.3-lb weight capacity, a maximum tripod height of 59”, and a maximum monopod height of 60”. Next in line is the DX-4330M, which can support up to 4.4 lb of weight and has a maximum tripod height of 62.3” and a maximum monopod height of 65”. Finally, the DX-5330M has the same maximum heights as the DX-4330M, but can support loads up to 6.6 lb.

DI Series

Currently, there is only one tripod in the DI series: the DI-3400. Like the DX series, the DI series also follows the same nomenclature convention to signify the tripod’s essential specifications. The DI-3400 has a weight capacity of 3 lb, features four leg sections and has a maximum height of 45.5”. Where the DI series most notably differs from the DX series is in its independent leg design, versus using a mid-level spreader, which can be quite useful on uneven terrain. The aluminum legs also have foam padding for easier transport and have flip-lock style leg locks for more rapid setup functionality. A three-way pan and tilt head is included along with a dedicated quick-release plate that features an integrated bubble level for ensuring consistently aligned horizons.

PV Series

The PV series is the final series of full-size tripods designed specifically for photographers, and it encompasses an array of features and specifications to suit many applications. The PV series main attributes include a three-way pan and tilt head, flip-lock leg locks, a rapid center column and mid-level spreader, and rubber feet for use on a wide variety of surfaces. The most compact model available in this line is the PV-3400, which is also the only model featuring four-section legs for compact folding down to15”. The other eight models in the PV series all feature three-section tripod legs, and follow the same naming convention as the other Magnus tripods. The 3.3-lb capacity models, the PV-3310, PV-3320 and PV-3330, have maximum heights of 52”, 58.5” and 63.75”, respectively. Moving up to a 4.4-lb capacity, and following a similar range of height differences as the 3.3-lb capacity models, are the PV-4310, PV-4320, and the PV-4330. The final two tripods of the PV series, the PV-5320 and the PV-5330, are the largest and most robust of the line and have a 6.6-lb weight capacity and maximum heights of 58” and 63.8”.

Tabletop and Mini Tripods

When photographing smaller items and working from lower vantage points, it is often preferable to also work with a smaller-than-full-size tripod that is specifically designed for the task. In addition to providing stability from lower heights, these tripods are also significantly more portable than their larger counterparts and, as such, can be an ideal accompaniment when traveling.

The TinyGrip Flexible Tripod, available in black, blue, green, red, and yellow, features a unique flexible design that allows it to be wrapped around other solid objects, such as a tree branch or pole, for an unlimited range of mounting possibilities. It weighs just 2 oz and can support loads up to 1.1 lb. When folded it measures 7” long, and when opened it can vary in height between 2.5” to 6” tall. The foam-covered legs provide the needed grip for attachment to most surfaces and when used in a traditional manner, rubber feet provide stability on flat surfaces.

For holding up to 2.2 lb, the MaxiGrip Flexible Tripod is also available and features the same design principles for allowing its attachment to a wide array of surfaces and objects. It weighs 6 oz, can stand as high as 9.7” or as low as 4.5”, and folds down to 10.7” in length. Like the TinyGrip, the MaxiGrip is also available in black, blue, green, red, and yellow. Also featuring a similar flexible design is the SnapPod Compact Tabletop Tripod, which weighs 1.7 oz and can support small cameras up to 1.1 lb. This tripod measures just 4.9” when folded and features an integrated pocket clip for easier carrying.

Offering greater precision and control are the DuraPod Mini Tripods, which are available with either a three-way pan and tilt head or a ball head. The three-way head is capable of panning up to 360° and features an integrated bubble level to ensure level horizons. The ball head features a 90° tilting design to enable overhead shooting and copy work. The tripod itself can support loads up to 2.2 lb and features twist-lock leg locks for extending as high as 12.2” with the panning head or 12.5” high with the ball head. The legs also feature rubber feet for increased traction, and the center column has an integrated suction-cup base for enhanced stability.

Along the same lines of the DuraPod tripods are the PlusPod, MondoPod and MegaPod tripods, which offer increased functionality and features in line with their compact size. The PlusPod Mini Tripod with Ball Head measures just 7.25” when folded and can extend to 11.5” when the telescoping legs are fully extended. It can support up to 2.2 lb and features rubber feet for grip on most working surfaces. Slightly larger is the MondoPod Mini Tripod with Pan Head, which can extend up to 16.8” and folds down to 8.6”. The pan head can swivel a full 360° and tilt up to 90° for a range in positioning abilities. Providing even greater reach is the MegaPod series, which comes with either a three-way pan head or a locking ball head. The pan-head version can extend up to 41” and down to 10.9”, while the ball-head version has a maximum height of 40.7” and a minimum working height of 10.75”. Both versions feature seven-section telescoping legs with rubber feet and can comfortably support loads up to 1.1 lb.

One of the most unique and portable options for table-top stability is the ShearPod Compact Tripod, which features scissor-like legs for flat folding and quick and easy opening. It can support up 1.1 lb, weighs 2.2 lb, and stands 3.3” tall when fully opened.

Two other options available are the PopPod Compact Tripod and the PopPod EX Compact Tripod, both of which feature a locking ball head and a telescoping leg design with rubber feet. The PopPod can extend up to 7.3”, while the PopPod EX can extend a bit more, to 9.7”. Both models fold down to 6.4” and can support loads up to 1.1 lb.

VT Video Tripods

The final style of tripods available from Magnus is specifically designed for video use and features two-way panning heads, aluminum legs with middle spreaders and geared center columns for smooth, controllable movements. The VT-100 Tripod System can support cameras up to 4.4 lb and extends as high as 59”, while folding down to 19.9”. The pan head supports full 360° swiveling and has separate locking mechanisms for controlling the pan or tilt amount. More robust in size is the VT-200 Tripod System, which can support up to 6.6 lb, extend to 60” tall, and folds down to 21.7”

Like the VT-100, the VT-200 features three-section legs with flip locks and has a geared column for smooth raising and lowering of the camera. Even larger still is the VT-400 Tripod System, which offers an increased weight capacity of 15 lb and can rise as high as 64” with the geared center column fully extended. The included two-way fluid panning head enables smooth tilt and swivel movements, and an auto-lock feature gives greater control when recording both stationary and moving subjects.

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The tripods are manufactured in China.

Wow, those look like old crappy tripods from 1985. A hand crank to raise and lower the center column? Really?