Manfrotto LED Continuous Lighting Kits for Everyday Users


Even though almost all cameras have built-in flashes, sometimes you want or need additional light power in order to capture a better photograph. Rather than adding an extra accessory flash, many photographers have been turning to LED light panels, which in addition to being daylight balanced (like flash), run cool and sip power, resulting in longer battery life; unlike flash, LEDs are a continuous light source that makes it easier to preview the final lighting effects.

Manfrotto ML120 Pocket-12 LED and ML240 Mini-24 LED Light Panels

The most basic of Manfrotto LED Light Panels is the Manfrotto ML120 Pocket-12 LED Light. Designed for use with compact digital cameras, Four Third format cameras and compact DSLRs, the Manfrotto ML120 features a dozen daylight-balanced LED bulbs (two rows of six) and attaches to your camera via the camera’s hot shoe or with a separate bracket, which is included with each unit.

Manfrotto ML120 LED Light Panels, which are powered by a single AAA battery, feature a combination Dimmer/On-Off switch, output about 120 Lux at 3.3', and can be stacked atop other Manfrotto Midi, Midi-Plus and Maxima LED lamp panels to create a larger, more powerful light source. The ML120 also features a 3200°K back light for illuminating your camera controls in low light.

More powerful yet is the Manfrotto ML240 Mini-24 LED Light Panel, a slightly larger model that in addition to all of the features found on the Manfrotto ML120 LED Light Panel, has 24 individual LED bulbs (four rows of six) that together output about 200 Lux at 3.3', and is powered by two AAA batteries, alkaline or rechargeable.


Manfrotto ML120 Pocket-12 LED Light Panel

Manfrotto ML240 Light Panel

Number of LED Bulbs

12 (2 x 6 Rows)

24 (4 x 6 Rows)

Color Temperature

Approx. 5600°K

Approx. 5600°K

Power Output

120 Lux @ 3.3'

200 Lux @ 3.3'

Power Source

AAA Battery (1)

AAA Batteries (2)


Hot Shoe Ball Mount or 3/8"-16 Screw Thread

Hot Shoe Ball Mount or 3/8"-16 Screw Thread

Flash Function



Vertical/Horizontal Mount