Manfrotto LED Continuous Lighting Kits for Professionals


Manfrotto ML360HP Midi Plus-36 and ML840H Maxima-84 Hybrid LED Panels

Packing 36 and 84 individual LED bulbs respectively, Manfrotto’s ML360HP Midi Plus-36 and ML840H Maxima-84 Hybrid LED light panels should prove to be quite popular among professional photographers who require compact, low heat, low power consuming, daylight-balanced lighting accessories that can be used as stand-alone units or in conjunction with both outdoor light and electronic flash.

Starting with 36 individual daylight-balanced LED lamps (four rows of nine), the Manfrotto ML360HP Midi Plus-36 LED Panel can be used with any digital camera, including the most advanced HDSLRs, individually or stacked with other Manfrotto LED Light Panels for even greater light output.

Ideal for capturing both stills and video, the ML360HP Midi Plus-36 can be used in hybrid mode, in which the continuous light output by the LEDs is complemented by a burst of electronic flash that bumps up the total light output by a factor of four. A dimmer switch allows you to dim the light output from 100% down to 0% and each unit comes with a diffuser and two warming gels that can be used to further modify the quality of the unit’s light output.

Other features found on the Manfrotto ML360HP Midi Plus-36 include a 3200°K back light for illuminating your camera controls in low-light conditions, a ball mount for attaching the light to your camera’s hot shoe as well as a 3/8" thread for attaching the unit to a light stand or tripod, dual mounting points for both horizontal as well as vertical positioning and a rechargeable, internal lithium-ion battery power supply.

The top gun of Manfrotto’s LED lighting accessories is the Manfrotto ML840H Maxima-84 Hybrid LED Light Panel, which features a whopping 84 individual daylight-balanced LED bulbs (seven rows of twelve), which together at full power have an output up to 670 Lux at 3.3'.

The Manfrotto ML840H Maxima-84 Hybrid can be mounted on any camera via hot shoe or used on any 3/8"-threaded light stand or tripod, vertically or horizontally. In addition to a dimmer that can adjust the light output all the way from 100% down to 0% output, it also comes with a set of diffusers and gels for softening or warming the light emanating from the ML840H.

As with all of Manfrotto LED light panels, the ML840H Maxima-84 Hybrid can be stacked interchangeably with other Manfrotto LED light sources.


Manfrotto ML360HP Midi Plus-36

Manfrotto ML840H Maxima-84 Hybrid

Number of LED Bulbs

36 (4 x 9 Rows)

84 (7 x 12 Rows)

Color Temperature

Approx. 5600°K

Approx. 5600°K

Power Output

360 Lux @ 3.3'

670 Lux @ 3.3'

Power Source

Rechargeable Lithium-ion (built in)

Rechargeable Lithium-ion (built in)


Hot Shoe Ball Mount or 3/8"-16 Screw Thread

Hot Shoe Ball Mount or ¼"-20 Screw Thread

Flash Function



Vertical/Horizontal Mount