New Samsung Smart Cameras


Samsung recently announced a group of new point-and-shoot cameras. The cameras range from entry-level point-and-shoot to feature-heavy SMART cameras with powerful zooms and Wi-Fi connectivity. Some are currently available and others can be pre-ordered now. Let’s take a minute to look at their features.

The WB2100F Digital Camera has a 16.2MP 1/2.3” Back Side Illuminated CMOS sensor and a powerful 35x optical zoom lens with the 35mm focal-length equivalent of 25-875mm. This lens provides a full range of focal lengths from wide angle to super telephoto, encompassing pretty much everything you would want to shoot. Its maximum aperture of f/3.0 at the wide-angle end will serve well in low-light situations, and optical image stabilization helps to compensate for the effects of camera shake when shooting in dim light or at the long focal lengths this camera can achieve. A pop-up flash is also built in, should the need arise.

A camera with the power and control of a DSLR but the convenience of a point-and-shoot, the WB2100F offers scene recognition, Smart Auto, HDR, sweep panorama and Low Night Shot technology so the camera helps you take that difficult shot. A 3.0” 460k-dot articulating TFT LCD provides composition and playback viewing. Being able to tilt the LCD in any direction allows shot-taking from tricky angles and helps to minimize any glare caused by bright sunlight. Full HD 1080i video capture with a silent focus motor and built-in stereo recording is supported, and HDMI output means you can link your camera directly to an HDTV for viewing your images. Movie Zoom feature allows you to use the full 35x zoom lens during video recording. A soft hand grip provides comfort and control of this powerful bridge camera, that is available in red, white and cobalt black.

At 4.2” wide, the WB800F SMART Digital Camera is not much bigger than a cell phone but it provides a 16.3MP sensor, built-in Wi-Fi, touch-screen LCD and a 21x optical zoom lens. That’s quite an impressive short list of features for this stylish camera that is available in white, red and cobalt/black. Its 16.3MP 1/2.3” Back Side Illuminated CMOS sensor provides sharp, detailed images and is effective in low light. Its 21x zoom lens is equivalent to a 23.4-490.8mm lens for wide-angle and super-telephoto shooting, and its f/2.8 maximum aperture retains sharpness in low light and offers shallow depth of field focus for nice portraiture and still-life photography.

Manual exposure and manual focus are available for precise, refined control, and Smart Auto lets the camera do all of the work for you. Face, Blink and Smile Detection is supported for further assistance and Live Panorama mode makes getting expansive panoramas easy. Full HD 1080p video capture is supported, and the 3.0” touch-screen LCD not only allows for live view monitoring and playback, but full menu control via its intuitive touch control. If that weren’t enough, the WB800F has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for easy transfer to smartphones and tablets. The Samsung Smart Camera App offers multiple functions including Mobile Link (direct sharing from camera to social networking sites), cloud storage, and Remote Viewfinder, which lets you use your smartphone as a viewfinder and remote control for your camera.

Next from Samsung is the WB250F SMART Digital Camera, which also has built-in Wi-Fi and, with the free Smart Camera App, provides Mobile Link, AutoShare, and Remote Viewfinder at the touch of one Direct Link button. The WB250F houses a 14.2MP Back Side Illuminated CMOS sensor for high-quality imaging and an 18x optical zoom lens that provides the 35mm focal length equivalent of a 24-432mm lens. Full manual exposure control as well as aperture- and shutter-priority modes offer enhanced image control and full HD 1080p at 30 frames per second is available. A 3.0” HVGA Hybrid Touch User Interface allows you to control the camera’s menu in two ways, using the 5-way button to navigate or enter text by inputting characters on the touch screen.

Besides Smart Mode and a pop-up flash that will help you take better pictures, the WB250F offers features that will enhance photos that you already took. Best Face Function, for example, lets you swap out facial features from one photo with those from another. If, in your favorite group shot, Junior has his eyes shut, simply tap the closed eyes of the image you want, then tap the open eyes from a similar shot you took in the same sequence. Also, Motion Photo is a fun mode that allows you to rub the LCD and keep one aspect of an image still while the rest of the image is blurred with movement. The WB250F is available in four colors: cobalt/black, red, white and gun metal.

The WB30F Smart Digital Camera is a similarly designed, more compact version of the WB250F with a lighter set of features. It is also available in cobalt/black, red and white and includes built-in Wi-Fi capability with access to all the apps in the Samsung Smart Camera App set. It has a 16.2MP 1/2.3" CCD sensor and a 10x optical zoom lens, which is equivalent to a 24-240mm lens on a 35mm camera. It will incorporate true wide-angle shooting and telephoto reach and optical image stabilization reduces the effect of camera shake for blur-free imaging. Smart Auto and Smart Movie mode enable the camera to make image improvements and adjustments so you can concentrate on making the image you want. Video is captured in 720p HD at 30 frames per second. Assistive features such as Face, Blink and Smile Detection help you get the best portraits, and various scene modes will match their optimal settings with the scene you are shooting. A 3.0” LCD screen with 230k-dot resolution provides compositional viewing and image playback.

The DV150F Dual-View SMART Digital Camera, an ultra-compact camera, combines Wi-Fi connectivity with a 1.5” front LCD to enable you to not only take self-portraits efficiently, but to get them up on the Web in a hurry. A 16.2MP CCD sensor delivers quality imaging and a 5x optical zoom lens with the 35mm focal length equivalency of 25-125mm provides enough versatility to get the shots you want. In addition, the lens on the DV150F has a maximum aperture of f/2.5 at the wide-angle end, which makes it great for sharp low-light photos and expressive portraiture. Video capture is supported at 720p HD at 30 frames per second. The rear LCD on this camera measures 2.7” and the front LCD is 1.5”.

As mentioned, this makes self-portraits a breeze, but it also improves any shot that includes people, as they will know just when to smile. Features like Smart Auto, Smart Movie, 2D Panorama and Blink Detection take the guesswork out of certain shots, and shooting modes will provide the ideal settings for sunset, beach, fireworks and even 3D photos. Smart Filter allows you to add special effects to your images and, like all the cameras in Samsung’s SMART Camera series, the DV150F offers the complete package of Wi-Fi-enabled functions like AutoShare, Remote Viewfinder, GPS tagging and cloud storage. The DV150F is available in cobalt/black, white and plum finishes.

Rounding out the series is the ST150F Smart Digital Camera, available in cobalt/black, white, silver and red. The most compact of the cameras discussed, it measures about 3.7” wide and half an inch deep. It is wireless and email enabled and, like the other Samsung Smart cameras, it can connect to Wi-Fi networks and all that the Smart Camera App has to offer with just one touch of its Direct Link button. The ST150F uses a 16.2MP CCD sensor for detailed image capture, and has a 5x optical zoom lens with a 35mm equivalent of 25-125mm for versatile shooting. HD 720p video is available and a 3.0” 230k-dot LCD allows for image composition and review. Smart Auto, Smart Video and Face Detection offer true point-and-shoot ease, and numerous Smart Filters and the Magic Frame function add fun effects to your photos.


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