Overview: Vello PC-Shoe Adapters


Vello provides an array of versatile hot-shoe adapters with PC sockets for connecting off-camera flash units and studio strobes with cables. These solution-oriented devices add a PC sync connection to cameras or a shoe-mount flash. Additionally, all the Vello adapters except for the Sony/Minolta camera versions feature locking collars and metal connectors for the camera's shoe, providing an extra-secure hold. Some of the adapters feature top hot-shoe connectors that allow you to simultaneously fire an on-camera flash and a PC-connected, off-camera flash or accessory.


Alternatively, you could use that top shoe to mount a continuous light source for shooting video, or a shotgun microphone or radio remote. Using a bracket with multiple mounting points would let you employ accessories like these in addition to a shoe-mounted flash. Please note that these adapters do not provide high-voltage sync protection.

The Sony/Minolta to Standard Hot Shoe Adapter enables the attachment of regular shoe-mount flash units or other accessories to Sony or Minolta cameras. It features the proprietary Sony/Minolta hot shoe on the bottom and a standard shoe on top for manual and non-TTL flash modes.    

The opposite conversion is possible with the Standard to Sony/Minolta Hot Shoe Adapter, which lets you use Sony or Minolta flash units or other accessories on cameras with standard shoes. This standard to Sony/Minolta adapter also allows the shoe-mounted flash to work in manual or non-TTL modes only.

The Adapter with Top Sony/Minolta Hot Shoe for Sony/Minolta Cameras provides full TTL compatibility for a Sony flash on Sony/Minolta cameras with their proprietary shoe. For instances when that top shoe-mount flash is unnecessary, this Sony/Minolta Camera Adapter without Top Hot Shoe will fit the bill. 

Canon and Nikon adapters are also available, both with hot shoes that support full e-TTL and i-TTL, respectively. The front-mounted PC terminal provides the attachment point for studio lights, accessories, or remotes.

Vello makes a Universal Adapter that provides a PC sync connection for all cameras with standard hot shoes, except newer Sony models featuring the Multi Interface Shoe. This configuration is an ideal choice for scenarios in which a top hot shoe is not required. The Universal Adapter with Shoe offers nearly the same compatibility as the Universal Adapter, but is not compatible with the Sony Multi Interface Shoe, nor the Sony/Minolta shoe. This version features a standard, non-TTL hot shoe on top in addition to the PC terminal in the front.

Having an assortment of these units on hand can be just the ticket to solving myriad creative-lighting puzzles. They're small in size, and quite large on problem-solving functionality.

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The Vello HSA-PCU just received will not trip my studio strobe not sure about the trigger voltage. Is there any other chocies?

The one I most commonly recommend is a voltage regulated version and works very well with most all strobes.  See the following link for details on the adapter:  http://bhpho.to/1iL9pq1

Hi, I have a microphone sony that is for multi interface shoe, and I want to now if your adapter can let me use this microphone in a standard shoe. 

Thank you 

cecilia palma

A  microphone with the multi-interface shoe should fit on a device with a standard shoe. Could you please specify the exact device so we may clarify the shoe type and confirm for you if an adapter would be required, and if so which one?