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Pearstone Remote Controls: Timed and Wireless


Just as image stabilization can make the difference between a sharp handheld picture and a blurry handheld picture, remote controls can make the difference between sharp and not-so-sharp pictures taken with a tripod-mounted camera. And that's because even if your tripod weighs more than your neighbor's Great Dane, manually pressing the shutter button can makes things move and things that move can easily result in shaky-looking pictures.

Pearstone ShutterBoss Timed/Wired Remote Switch with Digital Timer

Pearstone's ShutterBoss Remote Switch with Digital Timer  is a lightweight, timed/wired remote control switch that plugs into the remote port of your DSLR and allows you to fire your camera's shutter  from a short distance away (The cord is 2.7' / 850mm).

Powered by a set (2) of AAA batteries (two alkaline batteries included), the Pearstone ShutterBoss Remote Switch can capture images in single or continuous-shot mode, and up to 399 exposures in Self-Timer Delay or Interval mode in sequences up to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds, in one-second increments, which along with other capture/remote data, can be counted down on the remote's 4-line LCD.

A smidgen over 6" long, the  Pearstone's ShutterBoss Remote Switch with Digital Timer fits easily into the recesses of your camera bag or pocket and is available for Canon EOS (select compact DSLRs - see list), Contax N/645, Pentax K, and Samsung GX-series DSLRs, Canon EOS DSLRs (see model compatibility chart) with 3-pin connectors, Nikon/Fuji/Kodak DSLRs with 10-pin connectors and Nikon D90 & D5000.

Pearstone FreeWave Wireless Remote Shutter Releases

Pearstone's FreeWave Wireless Remote Shutter Releases, a transmitter/receiver kit configured for use with Canon EOS 1D/Rebel-series DSLRs, Nikon DSLRs with 10-pin connectors and Nikon DSLRs with mini-USB connectors, enables you to trigger your DSLR's shutter from distances of up to 320' (100 m) from your camera, in or out of direct line of sight.

For shooting in wirelessly congested environments the Pearstone FreeWave features a Smart Code that enables you to operate on up to 16,000,000 possible frequency channels without having to flip DIP switches. It's also possible to trigger multiple receivers from a single transmitter.

Other tricks and features designed into Pearstone FreeWave remotes include a Dual-Function release button that allows you to pre-focus the lens by pressing it halfway before the the actual exposure, a 2-second Delay Release, Multiple Exposures, Long Exposures, dual LEDs to confirm AF and the actual exposure and the ability to use the remote receiver with alternate camera systems by simply changing the connector cord (optional, and sold separately).

Those needing only the simplest and least expensive remote triggering devices should check out Pearstone's RS-series Remote Switches. Available for use with Canon, Pentax, Samsung and other DSLRs using sub-mini connectors, Canon EOS DSLRs with 3-pin connectors, Nikon, Fuji and Kodak DSLRs with 10-pin connectors, Nikon DSLRs with DC-2 connectors and Sony Alpha DSLRs, Pearstone RS-series Remote Switches are battery-free and allow you to shoot vibration-free single, multiple or time  exposures. Measuring only 3.5" in length, Pearstone RS-series remotes can be easily stowed away in the tightest camera bags.

What's that? You say you need something even smaller, simpler, and cheaper? OK, here goes...  Pearstone's IRN1 Infrared Remote Control for Nikon DSLRs enables you to fire the shutters of Nikon DSLRs containing built-in IR sensors from a distance of up to 15' (5 m).

Size-wise, the Pearstone Infrared Remote measures in at 3.5" x 1.5", and it's only a 1/4" thick (thin?). As for the  cost—they're only $6.39, battery included. How can you go wrong?