Rite in the Rain


Rite in the Rain notebooks are tough, durable notebooks that were created to survive the wet conditions of the Pacific Northwest. Developed in the 1920s by Jerry Darling for the logging industry, Rite in the Rain notebooks truly can write in the rain. In fact, they can also write underwater, in blizzards or in any humid or wet conditions, without falling to pieces. Your notes won’t run either; they’ll be just as clear and legible as they would be when written under perfect conditions. This list of characteristics just might make these notebooks magical.

Manufactured in Tacoma, Washington, with pride, Rite in the Rain notebooks are a true American success story. Today, brothers Scott and Todd Silver are at the helm; and their commitment to Jerry Darling’s original vision continues on. The Silver family is devoted to creating quality products made right here in the United States, for outdoor professionals and enthusiasts the world over. No matter what activities take you out in wet conditions, these notebooks are for you.

You’ll appreciate what a difference a notebook this tough can make. You need tools that can go where you go, and can stand up to the kinds of conditions in which you frequently find yourself. With Rite in the Rain, you have found paper that’s as dedicated as you are.

The DuraRite Waterproof Notebook No. 635 is a 3 x 5" white reporter’s-style notebook. It has 50 universal patterned sheets (100 pages) and top wire-o spiral binding. You can jot down notes with a standard pencil, or use most other pens. However, the Rite in the Rain All-Weather Pen, which writes not only underwater but also upside down, provides the best results. This pen works when other pens fail; what’s more, its ink won’t smear. Specifically developed for use with Rite in the Rain field books and paper, this fine-point pen can even be refilled. As an interesting aside, the All-Weather Pen was used on manned space flights.

As would be expected, you can use the All-Weather Pen with any of the Rite in the Rain books, like the All-Weather Notebook No. 135. Similar to the Waterproof No. 635, the 135 also has 50 universal patterned sheets and is 3 x 5" in size. The notebook is top wire-o spiral bound and features a yellow Polydura cover. This is a good place to note that the Polydura covers are made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials. Additionally, all Rite in the Rain papers are completely recyclable, just like standard paper.

Should you be in need of more writing space, the All-Weather Journal No. 393 provides 4.6 x 7.0-inch pages, along with a side wire-o spiral binding. The notebook’s 32 sheets (64 pages) have journal page ruling. A slightly different version, the All-Weather Universal No. 373, provides you with almost the same notebook, with the exception of having the universal page pattern.

For those who require extremely hardy copy paper, Rite in the Rain’s Duracopy Waterproof Laser Paper is able to stand up to the harshest conditions. These 100 sheets of 8.5 x 11-inch paper are made from synthetic, heat-resistant and tear-resistant materials. Both sides are printable and completely waterproof. Duracopy is suggested for use with photocopiers and laser printers.

No matter what your needs, waterproof notebooks, paper, and pens from Rite in the Rain are tools you can rely on to get the job done. Write with confidence, no matter what the conditions. Your notes will be there just as you wrote them when you return to dry land or a dryer climate.

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After years of travel photography, and many ruined marble notebooks - I find this... thank you - thank you - thank you. 

 It's nice to see someone promoting simple solutions to unspoken daily challenges - I'll be getting several of these by the end of the week.