Safeguard Your LCD with Vello Screen Protectors


Vello LCD screen protectors shield your camera's display against dirt, dust, scratches, moisture, and smudges. Additionally, they can block UV light rays. Protectors are a simple and cost-effective way to extend the useful life of your LCD monitor.



When selecting a screen protector, there are several aspects to consider, the first of which is construction. Protectors are typically made of glass or acrylic; glass can offer protective layers, coatings for improved  light transmission and clarity, and a thinner frame. Optical acrylic is less expensive and can still block UV light, but it's thicker and may not have protective layers or coatings.

Another important attribute is mounting method: Does the protector snap onto the LCD or attach via static or adhesive? Snap-on and static attachment are quicker, simpler, and enable residue-free removal. Additionally, they decrease the likelihood of air bubbles being trapped during installation. However, you may prefer the security and relative permanence of a strong adhesive.

The third major point of concern for a protector is whether or not it is touchscreen compatible. Of course, this is heavily dependent on the thickness of the material. If you use or plan to use a camera with a touchscreen, be sure to pick out a guard that will preserve its touch capability.

Vello offers four lines of screen protectors: the optical acrylic LCD Screen Protectors, the clear optical glass LCD Screen Protectors, Snap-On LCD Screen Protectors, and LCD Screen Protector Ultra series. All of these will block UV light.

Both the optical acrylic and the first group of optical glass models mount quickly and easily, by way of an adhesive backing. The acrylic is 1mm thick, while the glass is an ultra-thin 0.51mm thick and is surrounded by six layers of protective material.

Vello Optical Series - Click image for more

The snap-on models also feature six protective layers—multi-coated glass improves clarity and minimizes surface reflections. These LCD protectors are mounted without adhesive by snapping onto your screen. All are bundled with a detachable viewfinder protector or a detachable control-panel display protector, each of which is mounted via adhesive. Select models even include both of these bonuses.

Vello Snap-On Series - Click image for more

The Ultra series protectors, like the first glass group above, are constructed from ultra-thin (0.51mm) glass with multiple layers of protective material. The glass is also shatterproof for extra durability. Static adhesion leaves no sticky residue, and touchscreen operation is not disrupted. Additionally, a microfiber cleaning cloth is included.

Vello Ultra Series - Click image for more

For assistance in choosing the right Vello LCD screen protector for your camera, stop by the B&H SuperStore in New York, speak with a sales professional on the telephone at 1-800-606-6969 or contact us online via Live Chat.


Are there any plans for a Vello lcd protector for the Fuji X Pro 2 camera ?

I’m not seeing a Vello LCD protector in our system for the X-Pro2 at this time.  Though, the camera was just recently released, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some options on after the camera had been on the market a bit longer.  That being said, I don’t know what Vello may, or may not, be working on at the moment.

How do you remove the Ultra series, the ones with static adhesion?



To remove the Ultra series, you would push the screen protector to the side until you can lift it up to remove it completely.  You would want to make sure to clean the LCD before reapplying.

Does the Screen Protector Ultra Series for the Nikon D7100 include a second screen protector for the control panel on the right top of the camera?


Esteban Arcos

Unfortunately, no, Vello does not include a screen protector for the LCD screen on the top of the Nikon D7100 DSLR camera.