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It’s time again to start composing the annual holiday wish list. Every year I drive my family nuts because I only really have one store where I like to shop. I am not into girly stuff, and electronics and new technology are the things I like most, so B&H is my go-to store. They have everything I want and lots of selection to choose from, too.

The List

I have wanted this Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats headset for a while, now. I work out each morning, and I could never find a set that does not fall out of my ears. I do have the previous generation, but I am ready to upgrade to these shiny new ones!

One of my goals this year will be to get scuba certified. I would love to get the full underwater housing for my DSLR someday, but until I am ready, I figure a good underwater housing for my iPhone will do.

iPad Air with 128Gig! Now I can put everything, from my portfolio to my entire music library, in one place. I travel a lot, and having a portable device that can fit in my purse when I am on the go is awesome.

I have seen some awesome images captured using this fun tool. I would love to have one of these on my iPhone when I travel.

There is nothing better than drowning out noise with a set of Beats High-Definition Isolation Headphones, especially on airplanes. This is the only way I can get to sleep when I fly, and it’s a must-have item.

I swear, I buy enough memory cards every year, but the gremlins always take them. So a nice stash in my stocking would be awesome!

I will be working on a new film project this spring, and my last slider took a hit, so I will need to replace it. There are so many awesome ones available but this one has the option to expand to a vertical pulley.

I would love to have a monitor for the video work that we do in studio. Having a bigger screen to look for critical details would help so much.

Finally, I know B&H doesn’t sell them, but you can never have enough socks!

So, if any of you need a friend to spoil, feel free to send any of these items my way (mostly kidding). I promise I will return the love with one of my famous fruitcakes.

Seriously though, this holiday time is for showing others how much you appreciate them. Sometimes we get caught up in the madness and miss the real message. I am grateful that B&H provides so many options for my gift giving. I can get my shopping done and get back to the most important reason for the season: being with the people I love. 

Wishing you all a season of love and laughter,


Sandy Puc’ is an award-winning portrait and children’s photographer based in Littleton, Colorado, where she is only 2 hours away (7 with traffic) from the best skiing on earth. Check out her latest galleries and learn more at

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