Things We Love: Really Right Stuff Base Plates and Brackets


There are so few times when you pick up an accessory and it completely changes the experience of taking photographs. One of those moments was when I first found the custom-designed Really Right Stuff base plate for my a7R II. This precisely machined product doesn’t seem like much at first glance—it is, for all intents and purposes, a simple piece of aluminum, but it elegantly solves a huge issue I had when working with my Sony cameras; the feeling that the grip was just a bit too short. My pinky sat just below the grip, not solidly on it with the rest of my fingers, simultaneously making it feel uncomfortable and preventing me from holding the camera as securely as I could. RRS’s plate took care of this by extending the grip down just enough, while still permitting access to the battery compartment and adding Arca-type quick-release compatibility.

Really Right Stuff BA7R2 Base Plate for Sony a7 II Series

So, what makes the Really Right Stuff worth the premium over the plethora of inexpensive alternatives? Well, it is made in the USA and you know that when you attach it to your camera, the fit will be perfect. I’ve tried with some other options, and I’ve gotten lucky about as many times as I haven’t, with issues like fit and access to ports/controls being the common complaints. I have never seen this happen with any RRS plates, and on models like the a7 II series and a9, they even have unique features like moving the battery plate to permit full access to everything critical, and adding gaskets to maintain the weather sealing.

Really Right Stuff Base Plate for Sony Alpha a9 and a7R III

Even if you aren’t looking for some added grip, having an RRS plate is still a good idea, especially if you have a tripod head that supports the almost universal Arca-type standard QR. I use one on my a6500 for immediate compatibility with all the various tripods and supports that I have in my house. Also, all of the plates feature a modular design, so if I ever want to convert them to an L-bracket, it is simply a matter of picking up a separate part.

Really Right Stuff BA6300 Base Plate for Sony a6300 and a6500

With unique features, precise manufacturing, and good design, it is hard to beat a Really Right Stuff plate and that’s why they are one of the things I love. Are there any other support items you just can’t live without? Let us know in the Comments section, below!

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