UNDFIND Camera and Computer Bags


UNDFIND (pronounced "un-de-FIND") makes designer camera bags and laptop bags that accent the style of photographers and other professionals. Allow UNDFIND bags to help you define your own style.

Designed by photographers, the UNDFIND One Bag Set with Photo Insert and Skin is a convertible and customizable laptop, electronics and photography bag. This bag is the epitome of both function and style for photographers, from novice to professional.

Slim, flexible and lightweight, the One Bag is made of durable, water resistant wetsuit-grade neoprene, lined with ultra-soft felt for extra protection. The stretchable, concealed front pocket has a special interior pocket for a tablet or iPad up to 10.1 inches. Next to that is a smaller pocket that will hold a phone or wallet. On the outside wall of the tablet and accessory pockets is a zippered elastic-netting pocket that will accommodate small personal or photo accessories. The outer part of the front pocket can hold cords, chargers or anything else you may need. On the back of the bag there’s a large document pocket.

The laptop compartment has thick piping around the edges to protect the sides of your laptop. There is also a padded, removable bumper on the bottom of the bag to protect up to 15-inch laptops.

Versatile and transformable, the One Bag can be converted to a camera bag by removing your laptop and installing the photo insert; touch-fastener flaps on each side of the bag securely lock the insert in place. The insert transforms the interior of the bag into three individual pockets that can ideally contain a camera body and two lenses up to 70-200mm f/2.8, or up to three lenses without a camera body.

Another dimension of the One Bag that makes it so adaptable and stylish is its removable cover. B&H sells the One Bag Set with Black Leather Skin, Baroque Skin and Midnight Web Skin. The skins are not available individually, but UNDFIND has numerous covers that should suit anyone's style. The covers are securely held in place using a touch-fastener system. On the underlying side of each cover are two zippered elastic-netting pockets that provide even more storage space for small accessories.

For even more security than the cover itself, the main compartment of the bag can also be zippered closed, but when you are shooting, the zipper flaps fold back and stay out of your way. The bag closes with a clip beneath the cover, so the closure is attractively and securely hidden from sight. The high strength nylon shoulder strap has a shoulder piece made of padded neoprene that stretches and conforms to your shoulder. This helps to distribute weight comfortably for an ergonomic fit.

As the first ultra light, convertible designer belt bag, the UNDFIND Waist Shooter Set with Photo Insert and Skin is a smaller but equally stylish option for anyone on the go. The wetsuit-grade neoprene is durable and weather resistant. The Waist Shooter has two pockets that can hold two DSLRs, up to two large professional series lenses such as the 70-200mm f/2.8 lens with hood attached, or any other smaller electronic items. It also has the same removable, double-sided, touch-fastened skin cover system as the One Bag—with the same two zippered, elastic-netting pockets beneath the cover to store small accessories. The Waist Shooter is available with Black Leather Skin, Baroque Skin and Midnight Web Skin.

The Waist Shooter was designed to be worn as a belt bag, but it also comes with a removable shoulder strap with a padded neoprene shoulder piece so that it can be worn across the body. To wear it as a stress-free belt bag, you pull the attachment tabs behind your belt, lay the bag against the tabs and secure the tabs to the back of the bag. To make it as secure as possible, finish by putting the base touch-fastener tabs over the longer tabs. The Waist Shooter is very simple, functional, comfortable, stress free and very stylish.

The Complete One Bag System refers to both the One Bag and the Waist Shooter used in conjunction with each other. Instead of having a separate professional laptop bag, a casual laptop bag, a work bag, a smaller camera bag for short shoots and a larger camera bag for long shoots, the One Bag System combines all of these. For professional photographers who need to have all equipment accessible, the One Bag System with both the One Bag and the Waist Shooter is the solution. The two bags are great when used separately but even better when used as a team, providing you with five accessible pockets that can each fit up to a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. With one bag worn across the shoulder and the other bag worn at the hip on a belt, the weight is distributed evenly so it is easy and comfortable to carry both bags—with all your equipment—throughout a long day of shooting.

Whether you use the One Bag and the Waist Shooter separately or together as a system, you will not be lacking in functionality or fashion. Let UNDFIND help you define yourself with ultimate versatility and style.

  One Bag Set with Photo Insert and Skin Waist Shooter Set with Photo Insert and Skin
Material Wetsuit-grade neoprene Wetsuit-grade neoprene
Type of Closure Zipper, front flap with clip Front flap with clip
Carrying/Transport Options Shoulder strap Touch-fastens to any belt
Optional shoulder strap 
Exterior Dimensions 15.25 x 12.0 x 3.0"
(38.7 x 30.5 x 7.6 cm) 
13 x 11.50 x 2" (expands)
(33.0 x 29.2 x 5.1 cm)
Interior Dimensions Not specified by manufacturer
Can fit three 70-200mm f/2.8 lenses
Not specified by manufacturer
Can fit two 70-200mm f/2.8 lenses
Weight 2.5 lb (1.13 kg) 1.4 lb (0.64 kg)