Workplace Efficiency Starts with Tether Tools


Support isn’t just about getting a technician on the phone. It’s also about trusting your camera, computer and critical accessories to the most reliable tabletops and attachments available—modules that can be extended as your needs grow.  Tether Tools specializes in such well-designed supports. Its equipment exhibits the same steadfastness whether deployed in studio or on location.

Considering how many hours today’s photographers and videographers spend setting up shots and finessing files later, wouldn’t you rather operate in the most comfortable, efficient workspace possible? Tether Tools equips digital pros with a caliber of fit-together gear a world apart from the hodgepodge furnishings made for the pre-digital age.

Tether Tools manufactures innovative custom photography equipment and accessories for studio and location shoots. The company recognizes that your computers are as important as your cameras in getting the job done, so its goal is to provide the best quality tethering and workstation solutions for your needs.

All Tether Tools equipment is modular so that you can layer a workstation solution that best fits the style in which you work. And every accessory is available separately, so you don’t have to accept someone else’s idea of what you need.

Brackets and mounting gear are made of aerospace aluminum, so the supports are especially durable, yet still light in weight. The result is equipment you can use daily in the studio or easily transport to location shoots.

If you use a MacBook Pro with a 17-inch screen, a sleek tripod platform built for flexibility and expandability is the Tether Tools Aero for 17" Apple MacBook Pro (Black). Constructed from T6 aerospace aluminum, this laptop platform offers a non-reflective black finish and a 17.5 x 11.5" (44.5 x 29.2 cm). For other computer sizes, there are seven different table options, some with surface room left over to maneuver a mouse. All tables offer the option to mount on a ¼-20” or 3/8” pin, 5/8” studio stud or arca-style receptor.

The digital photographer’s best friend may be his or her external hard drives. The Tether Tools Aero XDC Duo (Black) is an external hard drive compartment compatible with any Tether Table Aero. The low-profile sleeve mounts under the table’s surface and accepts two drives from almost any manufacturer.

You can attach to the table the Tether Tools SecureStrap for Aero System, a simple and easy way to secure your laptop. Considering the hustle and bustle of the workplace, why wouldn’t you want to strap in your laptop in case there are bumps on the ride to deadline? This strap fastens around your laptop and your Tether Table Aero and buckles on two sides. It is made of a non-slip industrial strength stretch fabric. No permanent installation is required.

Add a cup holder to the side of the table with the Tether Tools Aero Cup Holder. Perfect for holding a bottle of water, caffeinated beverage or even a stylus and pencil holder, the holder can be repositioned as required. Clip-on hooks add even more functionality to the table. With Aero Clip-On Hooks from Tether Tools, you can hang extra cables, AC adapters, gloves and more from hooks that clip to any flat edge. Three hooks come in a pack.

Tether Tools Aero Cup Holder Tether Tools Aero Clip-On Hooks

Getting double duty out of tripod legs is coolly efficient with the StrapMoore from Tether Tools. Secured to a leg, light stand, pole, beam, table or chair, the StrapMoore lets you park accessories such as lights, chargers, water bottles, phones, hard drives or any other small objects for easy retrieval. Crucial accessories will never be out of reach as you work, and you’re less likely to leave them behind.

Cord management isn’t usually on the mind of creative types, but working in a trip-free environment is always prudent. The JerkStopper Camera Support from Tether Tools lets you secure the cables of your camera. This kit takes away the stress normally put on the cable or cord to ensure that it stays plugged in. The JerkStopper helps prevent cable and equipment damage. It can be used with an AC power adapter cord, flash sync cord or cables that plug into an HDMI, USB or FireWire port. Similarly, the Tether Tools JerkStopper Computer Support (Clip-On for the Aero)  thwarts anyone (not just jerks) from accidentally pulling out a cable from a computer. It removes the strain normally associated with a cable—anything from an AC adapter wire to a USB cable—so that it stays anchored where it belongs. Both JerkStoppers fit cables with diameters from 3.5 - 8.5mm.

If you use an iPad in your work, then Tether Tools offers a modular system of several accessories that serve as a kind of third arm. It starts with the Tether Tools Wallee iPad 2 Case (Black), a durable protective case into which you slip your iPad 2. If you have the original iPad, the Wallee iPad Case (Black) is alternatively available, and both Wallee iPad Cases also come in white. All buttons and ports are accessible. What distinguishes the Wallee cases is the patented “locking X” mechanism that works in conjunction with the Tether Tools Wallee Connect bracket for vertical or horizontal positioning. A simple turn and click and your iPad is locked into position. The Wallee Connect lets you mount your iPad or iPad 2 directly onto your tripod, light stand, SuperClamp or other support attachments.

Tether Tools offers additional accessories that attach the Wallee Connect to a Tether Tools desk stand or wall mount. For use on a desk, you add the Wallee Pivot, an adjustable viewing angle stand with swivel that works in landscape or portrait mode. It has a brushed-silver aluminum finish. For wall mounting or attaching a large monitor or cinema display  to a stand, the Tether Tools Studio Vu Monitor Bracket is your ticket. It features aerospace aluminum construction and can support up to 80 lb. The mount follows VESA mounting standards, so you could easily display a flat-screen TV or computer monitor on your existing equipment. The monitor can be tilted up to 45 degrees. The Studio Vu Monitor Bracket is useful when tethering a camera to any large monitor, either for detailed image review or to preview while taking difficult shots. It can be easily integrated with your existing equipment like rollers, lights and C-stands or arms and clamps with a 5/8-inch (16 mm) pin.

So check out the complete Tether Tools line. It’s a support system that offers a lot of versatility to fit your work style.

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