Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 13: Social-Media-Friendly Upgrades


Like their predecessors, Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 and Premiere Elements 13 maintain the right amount of robust organizational and editing tools that have made them extremely popular. These new versions further build on Adobe’s efforts to make their products relevant to the ever-growing number of photographers whose work is destined to be published online, particularly on social media.

Photoshop Elements 13 provides the capability to create blended Facebook profile and cover photos for a more unique, more personalized, or simply more visually appealing profile page. For those who love the process of trying filters on their photos, the Quick Edit preview has been updated to show five different variations on a selected theme. This variety helps make sure that the look which best suits an image is more likely to be applied without the need for additional adjustments before uploading to an Instagram or Twitter feed.

Whether they are taken with a DSLR or with a smartphone, wide-angle images can frequently result in empty space or clutter within the frame that can reduce a picture’s impact. The crop tool’s new Crop Suggestions feature shows four crop options, any of which can bring the viewer’s focus where it needs to be, or it can provide a previously unconsidered perspective to the image being edited. A selection can be made from the given options, or a custom crop set by the user can be applied instead.

Three Guided Edits under the Photo Effects feature provide possibilities for expressing oneself in black and white. B&W Color Pop allows for the selective addition of colors within a black-and-white image; B&W Selection can be used to create sections of black and white within a previously all-color image; and Black and White applies a global monochrome conversion. In instances where the desired elements of an image are spread over multiple pictures, Photomerge Compose can be used to create the perfect shot. People or objects can be copied from one photo and pasted into another, while colors, lighting, and proportions can be adjusted to help ensure that the final product looks as though it was captured in-camera.

Photoshop Elements 13 is also designed to help its users continuously improve their work. Integrated within Photoshop Elements 13 is Elements Live, which provides channels for learning, inspiration, and news. Easy access for help with the program is also provided within the Elements Live interface.

The time-saving capabilities of Premiere Elements are further enhanced in version 13 though the Favorite Moments feature. By clicking on just the "favorite moments” within a video clip, Premiere Elements 13 can automatically generate a finished movie, ready for uploading. New Guided Edits add drama with effects or blurs that help focus the viewer’s attention on a specific part of a scene, while another new Guided Edit shows how to add Hollywood-style professionalism and excitement to titles by running a movie inside them.

Sometimes the most daunting part of editing a movie is deciding where to start. Video Story in Premiere Elements 13 can help take a jumble of video clips and make sense of them by providing themes and templates to get the creative process started.

For enthusiasts of action cams like the GoPro, Premiere Elements’ improved Shake Stabilizer can make first-person video of sports adventures smoother, more fluid, and more enjoyable to watch.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 and Premiere Elements 13 for Mac and Windows are both available individually, or as a bundle, and can be downloaded or delivered on DVD. The Photoshop Elements 13 and Premiere Elements 13 for Mac and Windows Student and Teacher Edition bundle is available in DVD format only.


I agree that who cares about social media features in elements 13? Many other ways to get pics to social media. Seems like Adobe is running out of features for Elements.

Will this handle olympus raw files (.orf)?  Thanks.

If you send us an email letting us know which exact Olympus camera(s) you are shooting, we would be able to let you know if their RAW files can be recognized by Adobe Photoshop Elements 13.

[email protected]

I don't like PS Elements 12. I was hoping for meaningful upgrades for photographers, not social media "photographers," which I don't consider serious image makers.

Will wait to see if Adobe worked out the bugs from Elements 12.  I was able to load and use Elements 12 on my laptop.  I could load it onto my desktop (which is windows 7), but it would not open.

Is there a way to sync Photoshop Elements 13, and all the photos that are indexed, between two computers? I would like to duplicate Elements 13 on my desktop to my laptop. John



While you can have Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 on two computers, you wouldn’t be able to sync the libraries.

Does this APE 13 recognize raw files from nikon d7100?


Adobe Camera Raw 8.6 is integrated into Photoshop Elements 13, which does recognize D7100 RAW files.

Adobe does offer an upgrade "offer" for owners of previous PSE licences, starting at $79m only you have to get it directly at their website.

As for the new features, I am not interested in them either. I'll wait until next year, among other things because I purchased three books for learning PSE 12, from which I have only gone through one.


A real DUD!  Must be running out of worth while enhancements.  No upgrade here.

I purchased Elements 12 from B&H on 9/12/14 (order # 1030570589) without knowledge of the new 13 (I guess my fault for not keeping up with Adobe). If I had know of course I would've waited. Any chance of a break on an upgrade? Thanks. 

I am sorry that you made the purchase so close to Adobe's announcement.  Unfortunately Adobe is not offering any upgrade's between 12 and 13 (at least not as of yet).

I tend to agree with the previous comments. Would not use the social media features. The new add ons a bit a yawn. Sorry Adobe. You dropped the ball on this one. Will stick with my v11 which works just fine with Lightroom.

When will Photoshop Elements include something as useful as editing 16 bit files - not forcing a conversion to 8 bit and degrading the image?

Not interested in Social Media features.  Seems that this should be an entirely separate version.

I am a novice... before I buy, does in include old photo negative reverse function? thanks for advice in advance. Alois

I think you mean only "negative to positive" (or the other way around)? That is a basic filter for most editors. Under PSE 12, you'll find it under filter->adjustments->invert.


You can convert a negative image into a positive in Photoshop Elements 13, yes.  Once you have the negative image opened in the Editor, use Ctrl+I to invert it into a positive image.

Does this new version recognize RAW files from the Nikon D810?

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 is shipping with Adobe Camera RAW 8.6, which does recognize D810 RAW files.

I never use social media so that is an unnecessary purchase for me.

Also since I bought A P Element 12 within the last year, why is there no upgrade option.

Greedy Adobe.

Also there is no currency option available except US $, even though the option button is ostensibly available?

On our website we do offer a currency converter option so that customers in select countries may view pricing in their own currencies, however all orders are still charged in USD.  The currency conversion prices we do offer are just to give an idea of what the cost would be in those select currencies as a convenience.

Yossi O wrote:

<p>On our website we do offer a currency converter option so that customers in select countries may view pricing in their own currencies, however all orders are still charged in USD.&nbsp; The currency conversion prices we do offer are just to give an idea of what the cost would be in those select currencies as a convenience.</p>

agree entirely - another incremental "upgrade" that offers nothing of effective value to the photographer (as opposed to social communicator).  Not offering an upgrade option (and one that is meaningfully discounted) frankly sucks.

if you go to there is an upgrade option

I bought Elements only a couple of months ago and so far can't get it to work on Windows 8.1.  The Editor won't even load.  Why would I want to pay for a new version which probably won't work either.  I have used PS6, Lightroom, and earlier versions of Elements for a long time without issues but Windows 8.1 changed the picture and Adobe hasn't figured it out yet.

Not interested in all the social media stuff and features I won't use