Amaran Announces 100W and 200W Daylight and Bi-Color LEDs


Amaran has just released a pair of new 100W and 200W point-source LEDs for photo and video applications, available in daylight-balanced or bi-color configurations. The 100d and 200d LEDs both output 5500K light for daylight usage, while the 100x and 200x can produce light between 2700-6500K to match environmental conditions or provide creative lighting opportunities.

Amaran 100d
Amaran 100d

All of the new lights share a similar form factor, Bowens-mount configuration, 105-degree beam angle, and wireless control via Bluetooth app. In terms of color accuracy, they are all rated with a CRI of 95 and TLCI 96 for reliable performance. Each new light offers flicker-free 0-100% dimming, which allows you to tweak output to your exact needs, while eight customizable effect modes open up even more creative possibilities. Each light comes with a DC 48V 3-Pin XLR input, as well as the ability to go cord-free via an optional power station. An umbrella holder is incorporated into the mount of the lights to simplify setup.

Amaran 200d
Amaran 200d

Which of Amaran’s new lights fits best with your workflow? Let us know in the Comments section, below.


Yes, the amaran 100d Daylight LED Monolight and the amaran 200d Daylight LED Monolight are considered flicker-free for video and high-speed usage needs.

Im very interested how many posibilities are to make effects with Wireless DMX and this lights! Also hoy many lights can be progam to make effects.

Unfortunately, these particular models do not offer DMX control nor color/special effects. 

There are some effects selectable using the bluetooth connected app.