Angler Beauty Reflectors and Speed Rings


Newly available in 16, 20, 22 and 27" diameters, these light shapers have a signature soft-but crisp-quality of light favored by fashion photographers. They're also known for their rendering of makeup and hair and the reflection of natural-looking catchlights in the subject's eyes. The reflectors feature a deflector that bounces the direct light backwards and disperses it evenly to fill the reflector. The result is sharp detail with open shadows that are not blocked up, and accurate color, thanks to the soft, white neutral interior. Optional accessories include 40 degree snap-on grids that lend a painterly look to your shot, reduce the light's beam spread, and eliminate spill light that might affect your background lighting. Metal speed rings are available to fit most strobe brands.

Angler has also made available a line of metal speed rings for the Whitebox and Silverbox softboxes that accommodates major strobe lines like Profoto and battery powered flash brands such as Quantum and Lumedyne, as well hot lights like Lowel's Tota and Omni lights and Angler's Shadow Focus Spot tungsten fixture. There's also a new hands-free Trigger Stand Clamp for holding collapsible reflectors that's great for solo shooters.