Aputure Offers Wide Variety of LED Lights in Light Storm Series


Aputure continues to expand its Light Storm series of high CRI (95+) LED lights, news which is sure to please gaffers or lighting geeks looking for a new toy to play with. These fixtures feature a Chip on Board (COB) design, where several LED chips are bonded directly to a substrate to form a single module. Since the LEDs are packed closely together, they give the illusion of a seamless lighting panel when turned on, and lumen output per inch is also greatly increased for the same reason.

On the small end of the lineup we have the LS-mini20 LED Light, available as a daylight (7500 K) or bi-color (3200-6500 K) model. These fixtures are compact, yet fully featured, are each able to run on AC power, or can be adapted to a wide variety of batteries. Both offer a spot-to-flood knob for controlling beam angle and an onboard control panel for dimming, while the bi-color model also provides color temperature adjustments. A quiet fan is built in for cooling, which does not exceed 18 dB, to avoid disturbing audio recordings (or your subjects). At the front of each LS-mini20, a Bowens S-type mount enables easy attachment of accessories such as the included four-way barndoors or optional diffusion panels.

Aputure Light Storm LS-mini20c Bi-Color LED Light

Moving up, we have the LS C120d, offered as a Tungsten or Daylight color-temperature option. These all have the same Bowens mount and quiet 18 dB fan from the LS-mini20, but are operated using an included controller box, which helps reduce weight and keep settings within easier reach. Each controller box features an integrated Gold Mount or V-Mount battery plate for optional DC power, while wireless dimming and on/off control from as far as 328' is supported (thanks to an included remote!). Naturally, an LS C120d packs more punch than the smaller models, though they do not come with a lens and therefore have a fixed beam angle.

Aputure Light Storm LS C120t Tungsten LED Light Kit with Gold Mount Battery Plate

Finally, we have the larger C300d light, seen here as a daylight-balanced 5500K model. Complete with the Bowens mount and quiet fan, this fixture significantly outpowers the previous model, with an output of 4451 fc at 1.6' compared to the LS C120d’s 1301 fc at the same distance. Its dedicated control box includes two V-mount battery plates for DC power and, along with the C300d’s wireless remote, expands wireless control to 492'. Despite being the largest of the three, this fixture is still portable, weighing only 4.6 lb, and can be easily carried within its included bag.

Aputure Light Storm C300d LED Light

Which one of these lights is the most appealing to you? What do you look for in LED fixtures? Share your opinion with us in the Comments section, below.