Aputure Unveils Spotlight Mount Light Modifier


Traditionally the realm of stage and studio, Aputure’s brand-new Spotlight Mount brings ellipsoidal-type lighting to conventional lighting tools equipped with the common Bowens S-type accessory mount. This device mounts directly on many different types and styles of fixtures and its internal shutter blades and various lens options provide an astounding level of control and precision over how light falls on your scene and subjects.

Users have full control over how much light is hitting certain areas with the interchangeable lenses, providing them with options for 19°, 26°, and 36° beam angles. Then, with the internal shutters, the light can be further shaped and cut to near perfection. Aputure has worked on the technology behind this accessory to ensure an absolute minimum of chromatic aberrations around the edges, reducing fringing to just 1mm at a distance of 0.5 m. Also, including B-size Gobos, a Gobo holder, and gel frame add additional methods for modifying the light. There is an optional removable iris for even further controlling shape and size of the light, and a dual-slot design enables multiple modifiers to be used simultaneously.

Aputure Spotlight Mount In Use

Compatible with nearly all Bowens S-type mounts, Aputure points out the advantages of using it with the company’s 120d, 120d II, and 300d fixtures, noting specifically that the 120d II will produce 10 times its original output with the Spotlight Mount. There will be minimal light falloff and the color temperature will not shift more than 200K. Additionally, the Spotlight Mount features a dual Junior/Baby mount for mounting on a stand or hooking it up to a professional lighting grid.

You can find Spotlight Mount Sets with 19°, 26°, and 36° lenses, as well as purchase the 19°, 26°, and 36° lenses separately. Are you interested in this advanced lighting modifier setup? It looks as though it offers control unlike many other conventional light modifiers. Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts below!

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