Bolt VB-11 and VB-22 Bare-Bulb Flashes


Featuring a bare-bulb design, the powerful Bolt VB-11 and VB-22 Flashes are specialized shoe-mount units with outputs of 180Ws and 360Ws, respectively. This system provides a full 360° specular light with a quality similar to studio strobes in a compact, portable package. Optional light modifiers can also be used via a versatile mount for adding accessories like umbrellas, filters, and grids.

Covering about 28mm with the reflector, the manual VB-11 and VB-22 have guide numbers of 196' and 262' at ISO 100, with manual power options from 1/1 to 1/128. Also, they have built-in optical-slave functionality good to 33'. Other basic features include a bounce/swivel head that tilts from -15 to 90° and rotates 135° right and 180° left. Each of these units requires an additional external power pack to operate and has a 1.75" backlit LCD screen.

Functionality is impressive, with a stroboscopic mode, a recycle time as fast as 0.05 or 0.1 of a second, and multiple triggering options. Besides power output, the VB-22’s interchangeable shoe and stand mounts separate it from the VB-11. Additionally, they each come with a retaining ring, diffuser, reflector, power cable, case, and stand.


Can i use pocketwizards flex tt5 and tt1 to be able to use high speed syncs of upt to 8000th of a second?

The Bolt VB11 and VB22 claim to have flash durations as fast as 1/10,000th sec. so would appear to be ideally suited for the high speed sync capability of the Pocket Wizard Flex TT5.

Can you send more detail infr motion
Set shot. Studio style

Will the Bolt VB 22 work on  my alpha 90 sony

So I may accurately reply to your question, can you please double check the model number of your camera and reply with it?  I ask because Sony does not have an Alpha "90" model that I can find any documentation of, and with Sony, knowing the model number of the camera is crucial to confirm the performance with this type of flash.

Looks a lot like the Quantum Qflash and Trio but sooo cheep.  Where are the Bolts made?

H Kenmann -

These products are made in China.

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Do they work with the pocket wizard Nikon control units? Please advise.


You could use the VB-11 and VB-22 with the PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 for Nikon.  The Flashes would slide into the shoe on the FlexTT5.  Though, there won’t be TTL.  You will need to set things on the flashes manually.

What do the bolt powerpacks cost? How many full flashes per charge?

Hi Alex -

The Cyclone DR PP-400DR Dual Outlet Power Pack from Bolt features dual plugs for powering 2 flashes at the same time. It works with most on-camera flash units with high-voltage (HV) connections, including those from Nikon, Canon, Sony, Bolt, Sunpak, Quantum, Vivitar, and Metz (cables required and sold separately). The pack has a fast recycle time of approximately 1 sec and provides up to 1400 full-power flashes, depending on the flash and settings used. The Cyclone DR's flash cable ports can be locked once the cable is attached, making the connection extra secure. The unit weighs a mere 1.2 lb.

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