Broncolor Joins the Battery-Powered Revolution with Siros L Monolights


Mobility, power, and accurate color reproduction are the calling cards of Broncolor’s latest Siros L Monolight series. Available in 400Ws and 800Ws configurations, these battery-powered units are compact and lightweight to maximize portability while granting excellent power and color accuracy. They also boast lightning-fast flash durations when set to a specialized Speed Mode. Combine this with Broncolor’s Enhanced Color Temperature Control (ECTC) technology, and users will receive consistent color temperatures over the entire 9-stop power range.

The lithium-ion battery technology provides a substantial boost, with recycle times as short as 0.03 of a second. And, on a single 70-minute charge, users will be able to fire up to 440 400Ws flashes. Durability when on location is important to working photographers, so these batteries have been tested to work in temperatures ranging from 14 to 140°F. Users will also be able to swap out batteries quickly if needed during a shoot.

Operating the Siros L Monolights is simple and offers numerous options to fit any photographer’s needs or style. The back of the light has a clear illuminated screen for viewing power levels and a responsive dial to tune the power as needed in 1/10-stop increments. Users looking for remote control are in luck because the Siros L features integrated Wi-Fi that allows smartphones and tablets running the bronControl app to control multiple devices at one. Each light can even be configured with a different display color, so that you can easily determine which light you want to adjust.

Photographers familiar with Broncolor’s RFS 2.1 system will be able to quickly integrate the Siros L and benefit from remote control with an optional trigger. The Siros L also has a USB connection for firmware updates and features a 25W LED modeling light with 3200K color temperature for low power draw and familiar color rendering.

If you want to be ready to go almost instantly, Broncolor offers the Outdoor Kit 2 that includes two 400Ws or 800Ws lights with a 33.5" Silver/Black Umbrella, a 2 x 2' Softbox and Speedring, a 16' Sync Cord, and an Outdoor Trolley Backpack to hold the lights. Users will also be able to work with any of Broncolor’s existing flash modifiers, as well as a new Focus 110 Silver/Black Umbrella. Shooters will be able to replace the Flash Tube themselves and can pick up a spare charger. The lights also come with a dedicated Flash Bag 1.1 for storing the light and accessories.